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In 2004 it was a lot harder making a page for myself than
it was creating all those pages for everyone else.
So naturally I put off doing "This is My Life" until last.
I'm surprised I didn't
 become career military
At an early age I liked to draw.
Guys in Cub Scout Troop 108
Charles Welty and Dick Linck.
Dad, Shep and me.
A serious soldier
Ah, yes. Everyone
 has a kid on the pony photo!
At age 9 Shep became my model.
I was  in the Soap Box Derby the same year as Glen Bradford.
I only came in second in my race but Glen won in KC and went on to the Nationals in Akron Ohio.
That's  Steve Raphel and me
in our Scout War Bonnets
SCOUT DAY - 1948
Almost all of these guys went on to Southeast.
Good luck identifying them. I can't even find me in there!
My first wheels My High School
I drove this little lawn-mower engine car mostly on sidewalks.
On weekends and summers my grade school buddies and I had fun.
That's Howard Jones with me in the seat and my dog Shep.
But WHO is the kid in the front?
For months I sent out email after email asking that question.  Then one day during a telephone call with Bill Niswonger concerning his photographs for this presentation he said, "Oh, by the way, the kid on the front of your little car was me."
He even reminded me, correctly, where the photograph was taken. Once Bill said that I recognized him.  Funny the tricks our memory plays.
In an email Jim Bloss remarked what a great band we had at Southeast.
I couldn't agree with you more, Jim!
Music Ratings Given
Honor Outstanding Students
In State Contest at Columbia
   Southeast placed second in the Class A state contest at Columbia, April 30. The Missouri high school music contestants were scored with I, II, or III ratings. Southeast had thirteen I ratings and eleven II's.
   Those receiving a rating of I in the contest were: Marcia Crossley, cello; Don Teeters and Sue Harris, piano; David Crowley, oboe; Fred Hearn, tenor saxophone; Larry Meadows, clarinet; Jim Averill, cornet; Steve Johnson, trombone; Sylvia Flannery, girls' high voice; Ed Steiner, boys' low voice; clarinet quartet─Shannon Jones, Jim Bloss, Bud Crosby, and Gerry Dewar; girls' quartet─Jean Dawson, Sylvia Flannery, Martha Blom, and Jean Nilson.
   Number II ratings were given the following: Dennis Rendina, violin; trombone quartet─Douglas Ayers, Steve Johnson, Charles Stotts, and Charles Brown; Bud Crosby, clarinet; Don Niebergall, alto saxophone; Dick Halliburton, cornet; Douglas Ayers, trombone; Marilyn Johnson, girls' low voice; Gary Walton and Ralph Mills, boys' low voice; Douglas Mattenlee, boy's medium voice; Julie Thompson and Marnell Higley, high voice.
Scholastic Magazine
Awards to Be Given
Art Students
  Diligent work has finally paid off for many students in the art department under the capable direction of Miss Abbott. They participated in the Scholastic art contest sponsored by scholastic magazine. The regional contest, which includes the western half of Missouri and the eastern half of Kansas, closed February 12. The work was judged at Emery Bird Thayer the following week
   Those who won gold keys from Southeast are: Suzan Chaffee, oil; Lois Garner, portfolio and cartoon; Shannon Jones, strip cartoon and watercolor; Barbara Martin, char-coal portrait; Charles McGehee, two photographs; Curry Miles, poster and charcoal portrait; Ronald Pine, ceramics; and Darlene Stanley, design.
   The art work will be judged in the national contest at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Knight Musicians Entertain
Nelson Gallery of Art Patrons
   A program of music will be given at the Nelson Gallery of Art, December 19 at 2:00 p.m. The Programs will include numbers by the Southeast choir and Octet, with special soloists.
Chit Chat
   The Beta dance and banquet at the YMCA was a big success. Those seen dancing to the music were: Shirley Fenton and Tom Cowling, Sue David-son and Bob Hillis, Ann Atchinson and Bob Hodges, Carol Means and Jim Bloss, Phyllis Graf and Randall Smithmier, Mona Halliburton and Earl Crawford, Barbara Brackney and Lynn Alexander, and Beth Fowler and Shannon Jones.
Knightlites and Assembly
Acts Entertain Centralites
In An Exchange Program
   Don Teeters led Shannon Jones, Ralph Mills, Gary Miller, and Dave Crowley in the comical version of C'est Si Bon.
   Winners of the National Art Honor Society contest are: 1, Shannon Jones, Curry Miles, (tie); 2, Lois Garner, Dan Boswell (tie); 3, Judie Evans; honorable mention Barbara Martin, Ronald Pine.
   Membership in this honor society has to be re-earned each year. Members for 1954 are: Pat Adamson, Donald Ames, Maren Benjamin, Barbara Boley, Dan Boswell, Rosemary Bowles, Donna Carlson, Suzan Chaffee, Patsy Conner, Judi Evans, Lois Garner, Mary Glinn, Patty Goldberg, Betty Greer, Nancy Hamilton, Shannon Jones, Rockne Krebs, Charles McGehee, Dianne Maple, Barbara Martin, Carol Means, Curry Miles, Ronald Pine, Karl Quick, Dotty Robinson, Betty Schick, Cecelia Spann, Jean Stafford, Darlene Stanley, Yvonne Straisinger, Yvonne Strode, Bob Sundquist, Richard Tubesing, Betty Wilson.
   Judges were: Miss Rosemary Beymer, art director for the Kansas City public schools; Miss Agnes Crawford, art teacher at East high school; Miss Mabel Newitt, art teacher at Northeast; and Mrs. Jerry Mannings, former art teacher at the Nelson Gallery of Art and Southeast.
   43 candidates displayed work and 35 students were accepted for membership.
   The following are the new Dorian officers:  Shannon Jones, president; Betty Wilson, vice-president; Barb Martin, secretary; Charles McGehee, treasurer; Round Table representatives, Carole Means and Betty Schnick; Carole Means, Tower representative; Richard Tubesing and Darlene Stanley, historians; last but not least Miss Abbott, sergeant-at-arms.
Annual Poster Contest
Is "A Howling Success"
  A "Howling Success" was the title of the poster which won first prize in the annual Knightlites poster contest, December 3. The poster by Lois Garner showed a cat sitting on the fence howling. It was done in three dimensions.
   Second prize went to Maren Benjamin whose poster portrayed Southeast clowns.
   Bob Sunquist's poster, "The Joint Will be Jumping," received third prize.
   There was a tie for the fourth place. "Get in the Spirit," by Shannon Jones and "You Otter See," by Richard Tubesing shared the honors.
   Those who received honorable mention were: Saundra Bryan, Donna Carlson, Suzan Chaffee, Norma Ensminger, Cheryl Frazee, Rockne Krebs, Carol Means, Curry Miles, Barbara Mills, David Ritsch, and Steve Untrif.

   Those who received honorable mention were: Saundra Bryan, Donna Carlson, Suzan Chaffee, Norma Ensminger, Cheryl Frazee, Rockne Krebs, Carol Means, Curry Miles, Barbara Mills, David Ritsch, and Steve Untrif.

   Nine teachers judged the contest including Miss McIntyre from the down-town art office.
All of these articles came from issues of the Tower published our senior year.
1954 - The AKL fraternity at KU. 
That's me on the far right. 
First I went to Kansas University to study commercial art.  Dad was not in favor of my going to college. He wanted me to work as a movie projectionist.  A profession his dad had taught him and one he had taught me since I was 8 years old. However, even though I was working after school and busing tables at the fraternity to pay for my room and board I soon went broke.  I moved back home.  I am sure that pleased Dad.  He thought he had succeeded in proving I could not make a living as an artist.
But being a movie projectionist was not how I wanted to spend the rest of my life.  I was a fair enough musician to make a living in a dance band.  But I didn't smoke or drink.  So working at night in places filled with smoke and the stench of booze was not an ideal environment for me.  Besides I was a day person .
I wanted to be a cartoonist.  Or so I thought at the time.
So after moving back home I enrolled in the Kansas City Art Institute during the day and worked running movies at night to pay my tuition.  Dad was in favor of the move because he was convinced I would give up any ideas of becoming an artist and spend the rest of my life working in the theaters.
It was the end of the Korean War.  I met guys at the KCAI who were Army veterans going to school on their GI Bill of Rights.  They convinced me I should join the service to let Uncle Sam help pay for my education.  But make sure I volunteered for the Air Force NOT the Army.
So near the end of the semester I visited a recruiter. Because of my academic grades and a test I took my recruiter told me I could qualify for admission to a new academy the Air Force was establishing at Lowery Air Base in Colorado.  The U.S. Air For Academy. I was convinced.  I signed up and trusted the next four years of my life, and possibly my future, to Uncle Sam. 
Before taking off for USAF there was a surprise party for me.
These faces should look familiar to you.
Check out the special pages about my life in the Air Force.  
The cartoons on one of the pages were my humorous comments of the time. 
A link to those pages can be found at the bottom of this page. 
I let it grow!  It was the age of men 's long hair!
A haircut wouldn't have hurt!
Wait a minute!
This photo taken at the 2004 reunion shows age and nature is taking care of the hair problem!
and Lose Your Hair!
At 22 you are young enough you don't
think about getting older now that you are a parent.
At 28 you start feeling older. Feeling a lot older at 39
Sons Craig and Kevin Did we really dress like that in the 70s?
What really made me realize I was
over the hill was when my sons became men
1997 Mom, SJ, and Criag Kevin and the old man - 1998
when you have grandsons and then great grandkids.
Matthew Charles Jones
Phillip Alan Jones
Grandpa with Matthew and Kevin.
Then my Grandsons became men.
2001 - Roxanne, Phillip and Kevin Jones
Matthew Charles Jones and family
Matt, Tracey, Reagan, and Jacob Jones
Shannon and Beverly Jones - 1973
A second marriage for both of us.
It was definitely a case of Beauty and the Beast
But she took pity on me and married me anyway.
Of course the camping trip we took the summer of 1973
influenced the decision ... for both of us.
Bev was a brave gal to date a guy who thought sailing
meant "flying a hull" until the mast was almost parallel with the water line!
In case you are wondering my Hobie was named "Flip-Ship".
 The Ships We Sail On Now Are A Bit Bigger
2004 - The 50th Southeast Reunion
First showing of the unfinished CRUSADER Presentation
The 2006 Birthday Cruise
Where Southeast Knights and Ladies celebrated their 70th Birthdays
See the entire Birthday Cruise multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
Getting ready to get onboard the Enchantment of the Sea
Luann (Mitchell) and Bob Nelson, Bev and Shannon Jones
Enjoying the sea air with Ramah (Edwards) Balcony of  the
Rembold and Shirley (Peterman) Wheatley Southeast hospitality suite.
Leroy Ganser, SJ and the Lois (Garner) Hightower
Southeast gang on the promenade with Bev
Where the heck is that?
Finding our way around when the ship docks at various ports
Shopping and sightseeing in Key West
Ray & Carol (Harmarstrom) Jackson, Glenna (Ellis) Marshall and SJ
Can you believe that shirt didn't come with batteries?
Ray, Bev and Carol sharing key lime pie.
Exploring Mayan ruins.  Bev, SJ and Luann (Mitchell) Nelson
In addition to shopping and exploring
Charlie McGehee and SJ kept busy with their favorite pastime
The Birthday Party.  Lots of Laughs.  A night to remember.
Lois (Garner) Hightower officially
proclaims Bev Jones a Southeast Lady lass of 1954
Phase ONE - The Luncheon in Kansas City
The 55th Southeast Reunion - 2009
See the entire 55th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
SJ and Bev at the Cinzetti luncheon. 
Bev helping Tom and Jean Ann Williams check classmates in.
Pat (Corder) Valleau greeting SJ and Bev with her sign.
SJ with Carol (Hamarstrom) Jackson and Ray Jackson (Class '1953)
Shannon helped co-ordinate this reunion.
But his classmates on the committee had a surprise for him.
Luann (Mitchell) Nelson conspired with other classmates involved in organizing the reunion to turn the tables on Shannon.   He thought he was in charge of the 55th Reunion but they had a surprise for him at the kick-off luncheon!
Bev (Reynolds) Yonts had by far the best routine of the roast because there was enough truth in her comments to be funny.
She told everyone how talkative and long-winded Shannon is on the telephone.  She said she called Shannon to ask a question about the reunion.  Over an hour later after they both hung up -- she realized  he hadn't answered her question.
To prove her case she presented Shannon with a ten foot long roll of her long distance telephone changes.
Bev (a co-conspirator) captured the whole sordid thing on video.
Marty Bruns, Bob (RC) and Pat Wilson, SJ and Bev
It was great being with school friends again.
Nan (Preston) Hutton, Sharon (Ducate) Beddinger,
 Shirley (Ducate) Hoffman and SJ
Phase TWO - In Branson, Missouri
The 55th Southeast Reunion - 2009
See the entire 55th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
RC and Pat Wilson were the primary
organizers of the Branson event.
RC and Pat Wilson were the primary organizers
of the Branson phase of the reunion
RC and Pat with Carol (Hamarstrom) Jackson and Bev Jones ready to check in the Southeast classmates and handout the individual folders and information packages prepared by the Wilsons.
Bev and SJ riding the Branson Railroad with
Don Teeters and other classmates
Taking the Doo-Wop Quiz at the reunion dinner Handing out prizes and mementos
The 60th Southeast Reunion - 2014
See the entire 60th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
SJ behind Beth (Fowler) Hite SJ, Bob & Luann (Mitchell) Nelson and Bev
At the Reunion Picnic
SJ, Pete & Shirley (Richardson) Scammahorn, Jean Anne (Dawson) Williams
Shutterbugs: Charlie McGehee and SJ
On the Steps of the Southeast Castle - the Class of 1954
Lois and Shannon recreate a picture from our Senior Year Book.
SJ and Bev at the reunion dinner  SJ with his favorite "toy"!
After the 60th Southeast Reunion
The Party in Branson - 2014
See the entire 60th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
When the 60th Reunion was in the planning stage, Luann Mitchell Nelson contacted several classmates and asked if they might be interested in having a party in Branson, Missouri after the "official" reunion.
Luann called it a Farewell Party as this might very well be the last opportunity we will have to see each other again.
Nine classmates and seven spouses arrived in Branson on Sunday afternoon.  *
Mary (Hammond) Eberhardt, RC Wilson, Richard & Carolyn (Needels) Copeland
Pat Wilson, Bev (Reynolds) Yonts, Norman Nester, Bev Jones, Tom Dolson,
and Judie (Jordan) Dolson, Shannon Jones, Bob and Luann (Mitchell) Nelson
* Not in the picture - Clark Smith who had a car problem & Duane Eberhardt photographer *
Good Food - Good Times - Good Friends
Richard and Carolyn (Needels) Copeland, Judie (Jordan)  Dolson, Bev & SJ, Dot and Clark Smith, Tom Dolson, Bob Nelson, RC ad Pat Wilson
Enjoying visiting with old friends. Bev relaxing with Judie (Jordan) Dolson and
Bev and Mary (Hammond) Eberhart Carolyn (Needels) Copeland
We saw several shows --- we were always the first group to be seated.
SJ with Vampira and helping Duane Eberhardt
 spot icebergs from the bow of the Titanic at the Hollywood Wax Museum
And more food!!
Burgers, fries and all the tasty things that are Chocolate is part of the essential food t?
yummy.   Especially with gold friends. group ---isn't i
The Branson party was also called a Farewell Party.
No one knows what the future may hold for each of us.
At our age it is possible we will never see each other again.
 We hope that is not the case.  But you never know.
Check out these three Special Pages
CLICK on either of these pictures.
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