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Don has a few photographs to share. 
"The Frito Banditos" Don with Marty Bruns
Don and Tom Williams - 1975 and Tom Williams - 1961
Don and Elizabeth Kraft
Don with friend (?)
Chit Chat
   Many of the Southeast Knights and Ladies were seen at the airport eating after the ROTC Ball.  Some of the couples seen were:  Barbara Fuller and Tom Baucke, Ann Pierson (S.M.) and Charles Stotts, Sandy Ruhl and Jim Colwell, Bonnie DeMasters and Don Kraft, Barbara Brackney and Clark Smith.
ROTC Promotion Time
For Southeast Cadets
   Sergeant Cox, former ROTC instructor at South-east, has been transferred to Camp Carson, Colorado, where he is personnel sergeant major.
   Each Kansas City high school has only one instructor this year. Ours is Sergeant Stoner, who assisted Sergeant Cox last year.
   Promotion time is always looked forward to by the cadets, and the list just issued includes:  Ronald Belzer, Howard Jones, majors; Tom Baucke, Charles Stotts, captains; Martin Bruns, James Colwell, Don Kraft, Joseph McKinley, Gerald Roberts, first lieutenants; James Flannery, David Hudson, William Honsinger, Joseph Kresse, Arthur McEowen, Kenneth Nolan, second lieutenants.
Both of these articles came from issues
of the Tower published our senior year.
Don at the 50th Southeast Reunion - 2009
A June 16, 2012 Email from Marty Bruns to the Class
I don't know why, but I awoke this morning thinking of an incident that occurred involving Don Kraft, Tom Williams, Ed Hayes and myself.  It would have had to have happened between June 1960 when I got out of the Navy and January 1963 when I moved here to Iowa.
There was one night that we were going out and Ed was the driver.  He picked Don and me up on the way to Tom's house.  At that time Tom and his mom still lived on 63rd St. across from Swope Park.  As it was evening, it was already dark out at this time.  We pulled up across the street from Tom's house.
Ed had a spot light in his car which he used to shine on Tom's door and intoned an Eliott Ness "This is the FBI" line from a TV show that was popular at that time.  He tracked Tom from the door and down the drive until Tom waved to move the light away as it was blinding him.
Tom hopped into the car and Ed cut through Swope Park and then headed down Meyers Blvd to wherever we were headed that night.  Probably to Troost or the Plaza.
Anyway, at about the Agnes intersection, we were surrounded by police cars, in front, behind us and beside us on the right and across the median on the left.  We were ordered out of the car and told to put our hands on the roof, hood, etc.
Don was trying to get the officers to say whether they knew his brother, who had been a K.C. police officer and was currently an officer somewhere else.  They were telling him to shut up and were making Ed open the trunk.
Ed had a dozen or so cans of partially used paint in his trunk, all of which were touch up paints that he was using to doctor scratches and rust spots in his car.  The Sergeant with the group then accused us of vandalism, in spite of Ed's protestations that the paint was for his car.
About that time, one of the officers finally "heard" what Don was trying to say and acknowledged he knew Don's brother.  Also, the Sergeant had turned and looked at me and realized I was the son of the owner of Martin's Auto Service, where he used to park his motorcycle.  Two links to reputable sources were enough!  We got a tongue lashing about the spotlighting and told to never, ever, do it again and then sent on our way.
Don Kraft Corrects Marty's Story!!
From an Email to Marty Bruns from Don Kraft - June 17, 2012
"Good one...........Buddy,  I was trying to tell them about Steve Untrif who was on the police radio at the time, not my brother.     But  good story......TNX  for the memories............"
So it was Steve Untrif --- not Don's brother!!!
It's still a funny story either way!!
The 55th Southeast Reunion - 2009
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Surveying the room Don, Leroy Ganser, Joe Kresse
The 60th Southeast Reunion - 2014
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Don at the picnic visiting with
Audrey and Marty Bruns and Jerry Roberts.
Don at the IHOP luncheonw ith Shirley (Richardson) Scammahorn and Tom Williams
Discussing the program with Marty Bruns and Chuck and Mary Lou Welty Helping Lois (Garner) Hightower with the presentation of the 1954 Southeast Shield
Don at the Reunion Dinner with Mary Lou Welty, Dean DeWitt and Beth Fowler.
Don at the weekly Southeast lunches
High stepping with Sandy, Pat and the guys
Don, Chuck Welty and John Silkiner Don, Bob Adelsperger, Bud Hollinshead
Don in deep thought.  and Don with Larry Thomas
Tom Williams, Mary (Attebery) Lanham and Don
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