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Before the 2004 Reunion Joe said,
"I have very little to send as most of my memorabilia was lost in various storage units over the years."
But he did send us some photos and the captions are his comments
Everyone in the family is fine. 
My son, Frank, his wife and his  three daughters, my daughter, Celia and her husband.
And my ex-wife and her husband.
This was when Celia got married - 2003
Yes that is me driving the Disney train, which I did for three years.  
This was after I "semi-retired".
 I am still "semi-retired".
A Message from Joe
Excerpted from a May 2004 email to Charles McGehee
I could be worse.  I still have heart and stroke problems, and I guess I always will and will always be on medication.  I work part time in this law office for an old friend.
I finally sent some material in to Shannon, but I have very little, as most of my memorabilia is lost in various storage units over the years.  I don't see any possibility of me going to the final reunion.  I only drive 5 blocks to work and back; almost never any further. 
I have three granddaughters and my daughter got married in late December and she is going to have a baby in October.  She has managed to record heartbeats and email them to me. 
Everyone else in the family is fine.  Son, daughter in law, three granddaughters, daughter, son in law, ex wife and her husband.
I still read a lot, but the only social life I have is at Filipis restaurant, which is in Little Italy across the street from me.  I go there every day.
I know all the waiters and waitresses, bartenders, bus help, cooks and owners.   All of the above will come and sit at my table with me from time to time and BS.
Joe was on the Projection Staff at Southeast
Joe's Senior picture
Marty Bruns, Charlie McGehee Ronald Tipton and I went on a fishing trip to Grand Lake.
Joe and Charlie McGehee working Knightlites backstage
That skinny idiot on the left is me.
That was the headline of the Kansas City Star article that appeared with this photograph. However, what was intended to be a service act by the Beta Club actually harmed the lamps.
We actually removed the patina finish which protected the lamps from weathering.
That's me on top of the lamp.
Joe's Favorite Teachers
Some of my favorite teachers were: 
Mr. Carter ─ photography;
Miss Towner ─ Spanish;
Miss Abbott ─ I never had her for class, but I liked her.
ROTC Promotion Time
For Southeast Cadets
   Sergeant Cox, former ROTC instructor at Southeast, has been transferred to Camp Carson, Colorado, where he is personnel sergeant major.
   Each Kansas City high school has only one instructor this year. Ours is Sergeant Stoner, who assisted Sergeant Cox last year.
  Promotion time is always looked forward to by the cadets, and the list just issued includes:  Ronald Belzer, Howard Jones, majors; Tom Baucke, Charles Stotts, captains; Martin Bruns, James Colwell, Don Kraft, Joseph McKinley, Gerald Roberts, first lieutenants; James Flannery, David Hudson, William Honsinger, Joseph Kresse, Authur McEowen, Kenneth Nolan, second lieutenants.
Rifle Team Wins Second
   Southeast's rifle team placed second in the matches at Boonville, Missouri, March 5 and 6.  The Kansas City high school ratings were: Central, 1st place, 699 points; Southeast, 2nd place, 686; Paseo, 3rd place, 683; East, 4th place, 669.  Northeast and Southwest tied for 5th place with scores of 664
   Southeast's individual scoring was high.  Joe McKinley scored 178; Duane Ritter, 174; Richard Smith, 173; and Howard Jones, 160.
   While our first team scored 686, the second team made a good showing with a score of 635.
Photo Contest Winners
   In a recent photo contest sponsored by the Southeast Shutterbugs, there were four main division winners
      First place in portrait went to Charles McGehee. Joe McKinley won first place in the pets division. Ronald Johnson placed first in people photos and first in landscape went to Barbara Martin.
   Prizes were varied cash amounts, and all pictures will be displayed in a camera store window.
   A Camera Club has been organized under the direction of Mr. Lowe.  They will take pictures of school activities.
   The officers for this year are: Charles McGehee, president; Steve Johnson, vice-president; and Joe McKinley, treasurer.
ROTC Rifle Team Organized
  The Southeast Battalion has organized the rifle team for 1953 and 1954.  Howard Jones, Duane Ritter, Joseph McKinley, David Hudson, Richard Smith, Bob Butterworth, and Bob Gumm defeated Northeast High in a practice match 847-818.
Scholastic Magazine
Awards to Be Given
Art Students
   Diligent work has finally paid off for many students in the art department under the capable direction of Miss Abbott. They participated in the Scholastic art contest sponsored by scholastic magazine. The regional contest, which includes the western half of Missouri and the eastern half of Kansas, closed February 12. The work was judged at Emery Bird Thayer the following week.
   Those who won gold keys from Southeast are: Suzan Chaffee, oil; Lois Garner, portfolio and cartoon; Shannon Jones, strip cartoon and watercolor; Barbara Martin, char-coal portrait; Charles McGehee, two photographs; Curry Miles, poster and charcoal portrait; Ronald Pine, ceramics; and Darlene Stanley, design.
   The art work will be judged in the national contest at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
   Those receiving merit certificates are: Bob Baker, George Bannister, Lois Garner, Herbert Hoff, Shannon Jones (two), Jim Linck, Betty Macy, Barbara Martin (four), Charles McGehee (five), Joe McKinley (two), Curry Miles, Kent Quick, Dotty Robertson, Betty Schick, Jean Stafford, Pat Von Demfange, and Tony Wall.
   Presentation of the awards was made Thursday, March 4, at Akins auditorium in the Nelson Gallery of Art
All of these articles came from issues
of the Tower published our senior year.
Duane Ritter - Howard Jones - Dave Hudson - Bob Butterworth
Joe McKinley - Richard Smith
We lost our friend Joe.  He passed away in 2006.
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