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Ralph didn't send us much for the 50th Reunion Presentation
so we had to go looking for photographs.
Here's what we found.
Pershing grade school 1949
Grade school "Chub"
8th Grader at Southeast
Mills Active in School programs
7th Grader
Southeast Football Tackle
New Hi-Y Officers Are Elected
Smithmeir is All-City Officer
   The Hi-Y offices of president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer are filled by Ralph Mills, Carl Wisdom, Curry Miles, and Bob Jamieson, respectively. Dave Morton is the pro-gram chairman; Eddie Steiner and Bob Sundquist, publicity; Earl Crawford and Gary Walton, music; Ronnie Doyle and Gary Fuqua, transportation; Dave Morton and Doug Ayer, devotion; Dan Boswell and Karl Keen, coat hanger; Bob Jones, membership; and Bob Jones and Glen Lindsay, activity.
   Randall Smithmier has been elected all-city Hi-Y
   Any sophomore, junior, or senior is eligible to join Hi-Y and may contact any member for information.
   In Mr. Laury's 7th hour chemistry class, Glenna Ellis was giving a report on chlorine. She stated that it was used in mustard gas, but not telling that it is very deadly.
   Mary Louise Erickson asked what mustard gas was used for. Chub Mills popped up with, "You spread it on your bread."
Music Ratings Given
Honor Outstanding Students
In State Contest at Columbia
   Southeast placed second in the Class A state contest at Columbia, April 30. The Missouri high school music contestants were scored with I, II, or III ratings. Southeast had thirteen I ratings and eleven II's.
   Those receiving a rating of I in the contest were: Marcia Crossley, cello; Don Teeters and Sue Harris, piano; David Crowley, oboe; Fred Hearn, tenor saxophone; Larry Meadows, clarinet; Jim Averill, cornet; Steve Johnson, trombone; Sylvia Flannery, girls' high voice; Ed Steiner, boys' low voice; clarinet quartet─Shannon Jones, Jim Bloss, Bud Crosby, and Gerry Dewar; girls' quartet─Jean Dawson, Sylvia Flannery, Martha Blom, and Jean Nilson.
   Number II ratings were given the following: Dennis Rendina, violin; trombone quartet─Douglas Ayers, Steve Johnson, Charles Stotts, and Charles Brown; Bud Crosby, clarinet; Don Niebergall, alto saxophone; Dick Halliburton, cornet; Douglas Ayers, trombone; Marilyn Johnson, girls' low voice; Gary Walton and Ralph Mills, boys' low voice; Douglas Mattenlee, boy's medium voice; Julie Thompson and Marnell Higley, high voice.
Chit Chat
   Recently a surprise (hah) party was thrown for Danny Hill. Those attending were: Art Hill, Gary Walton, Betty Nelson, Don Masoner, Ralph Mills, Jackie Greer, Ann Atchinson, Bob Hodges (Paseo '53), Margie Grace, (J.C.), and a bunch of Paseo-ites
All of these articles came from issues
of the Tower published our senior year.
Knightlites and Assembly
Acts Entertain Centralites
In An Exchange Program
   Don Teeters led Shannon Jones, Ralph Mills, Gary Miller, and Dave Crowley in the comical version of C'est Si Bon
Markley Leads Annual
Church Music Festival
   Ben E. Markley let the combined choir of twenty Independence congregations at the ninth annual Church Music Festival, May 2. at Independence. The program was sponsored by the Independence Ministerial alliance in co-operation with the Independence Community Music Association.
   A 100-voice children's choir furnished two selections, accompanied by the In-dependence Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Franklyn Weddle.
   Charles H. Watson sang two solos and a dramatic reading: "Renascence" was given by Austin Edwards of William Jewell College.  Many hymns were also sung. 
   Members of the Southeast choir assisting in the presentation were: Jeanne Nilson, Sandra Ruhl, Ralph Mills, and Don Teeters.
Round Table Elects
Semester Leaders
   The Round Table held election of second semester officers at its February 15 meeting.
  Elizabeth Crosby was elected recording-secretary. She will keep the roll and record the minutes.
   Doing all the correspondence work of the Round Table will be Leann Riggs' job, as she will hold the office of corresponding secretary.
   The Round Table finances will be handled by Jerry Campbell, the new treasurer.
   Darlene Stanley, who is known for her artistic ability, will be historian. Her duty will be to keep the scrap book.
   Last but not least, for his job is an important and sometimes difficult one, Ralph Mills is the new sergeant-at-arms. Ralph will be responsible for keeping order at all Round Table meetings.
Chit Chat
   Hayrides, hayrides, hayrides!  This time Hi-Y had one.  Those seen throwing the hay (?) were: Dick Kirwan and Betty Huska, Bob Hillis and Gail Cline, Bob Butler and Julie Thompson, Chub Mills and Jackie Greer, Curry Miles and Dar Wharton and Gary Fuqua and Nanette Preston.
Hi-Y's President Ball was a big success.  Those seen dancing to Ed Fording's music were: Dorothy Groomer and Bob Hillis, Lucy Biurvall and Randall Smithmier, Barbara Hey and Charlie Stotts, Betty Nelson and Gary Walton, and Jackie Greer and "Chub" Mills.
   Carole Means and Jim Bloss, Danny Hill and Martha Barnes, Betty Huska and Dick Kirwan, Jackie Greer and "Chub" Mills were seen feedin' their faces at a surprise birthday supper for Gary Walton given by Betty Nelson.
Did Ralph reconsider his career choices?
Bob Hillis & Ralph - 1948-49
Travelin' the country visiting classmates
Ralph and Joyce Mills
Joyce & Ralph with Ed & Karen Hayes

Spending time with Jim Bloss

Visiting Bob and Jan Sundquist
Ralph and Luann Mitchell Nelson
at the 1999 Southeast Reunion.
Ralph and Joyce Mills
at the 50th Southeast Reunion - 2004
Southeast Reunions
After the death of David Ritsch, Ralph became the driving force for the next several Southeast reunions.
Working without the aid of a committee he took on the roll of planner, organizer, and contact point.  He did everything to make our reunions a success.  And they were.
The 50th Reunion in 2004 was his last before his death.
Ralph, or Chub as many of us called him,
passed away in 2007.
He is sadly missed.
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