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In 2004 after firm "persuasion" from Sharon,
Jerry sent these photographs for his page.
This song tells you why Jerry is always smiling.
Brown-eyed Boy - 1938 Cub Scout Jerry - 1945
College Student - 1960 College Graduation - 1962
Jerry and Sharon Roberts - 1959 Jerry the family man
Jerry and the kids - 1977
A surprise for Dad on his 50th Birthday
Weddings, Grandkids and the Retirement Years
Lisa's Wedding   Kids and Grandkids  
Jerry and Sharon - 1998 
Jerry and Sharon Sharon and Jerry with good friends
New Zealand - 2001 World Cruise Paul "Allen" and Sandy Johnson
What a Coincidence! 
by Shannon Jones 
Several weeks into a World Cruise my wife and I took in 2001 I got the surprise of my life. One I would never dream possible. 
After touring one of the American Samoa islands, Bev as she always does, shifted from being an intelligent tourist in search of new and wonderful experiences into the consummate bargain hunter of the exotic or different items that could become next year’s Christmas, Birthday, or whatever gift. 
She began her systematic, thorough, examination of every item at each of the local vender stands that are temporarily set up on every dock when cruise ships are in port. Like all husbands when his wife morphs into demon shopping mode I strolled around the dock and more or less stayed out of her way. 
As it would happen, I was killing time by shooting photographs and hoping that soon we could both board the ship when this tall stranger approached me and asked where I was from. When I was little Momma taught me not to talk to strangers but I am bigger now and can pretty well handle myself. Besides he seemed friendly enough, was obviously an American, and a fellow passenger on our ship. So I avoided the standard "USA" answer and said “Virginia.”  A look of doubt crossed his face then, for reasons I still don’t know why, I added "I used to live in Missouri." A knowing look then brightened his face and he said … “you went to Southeast High School, didn't you?” 
I know my mouth dropped open, because stare as I did, I just didn’t think I had ever seen this guy before. Before he told me his name he said, “You are Shannon Jones aren’t you?” I guess I just nodded dumbly as he went on to tell me he had been watching me for the last couple of weeks and kept telling his wife that he knew he went to high school with me. Finally, he told me his name, “Jerry Roberts.” I, of course, recognized his name immediately, but just could not put this 65 year old guy in front of me to any mental image I had of Jerry from high school.  
The bottom line of this story is in all my wildest imagination I never expected to be on the same ship for almost 11 weeks traveling around the globe with a former high school classmate. Even now three years later I find that to be a most unusual coincidence. 
You never expect to run into a classmate you haven't seen in 47 years half way around the world on a boat heading to the Great Barrier Reef.

But that's what happened to Jerry and me in 2001

Jerry at the 50th Southeast Reunion - 2004
The 60th Southeast Reunion - 2014
See the entire 60th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
Jerry and Allen Johnson at the IHOP luncheon
Scenes at the reunion picnic
The Knotts grade school classmates together again.
Clark Smith, Larry Thomas, Jerry Campbell, Luann (Mitchell) Nelson, Jean (Stafford) Whitington, Sylvia (Flannery) Kelpe, Jean Anne (Dawson) Williams, Jerry and Norman Nester
Audrey & Marty Bruns, Sharon and Sandy Johnson
Don Kraft and Jerry  
The Knotts grade school classmates at the Reunion Dinner
Arlene (Van Bibber) Vanzandt, Luann (Mitchell) Nelson, Gene Hampton, Jean Anne (Dawson) Williams, Clark Smith, Jean (Stafford) Whitington, Sylvia (Flannery) Kelpe, Larry Thomas, Jerry and Norman Nester
Jerry at a couple of
the weekly Southeast lunches
Ben Blackshire, Jerry, Allen and Doug Schuyler Jerry and Shirley (Fenton) Marley
January 2015 - After the 60th Reunion
Jerry and Sharon visit Bev and Shannon Jones in Florida.
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