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In 2004 Clark sent lots of memorabilia for this presentation.
But very little in the way of photographs of himself or family.
Years later he sent us more photographs of him and family.
High School Days
Who is that handsome crooner on the right?
Clark's Reflection on School
Excerpts of an email from Clark Smith to Shannon Jones
What a shame that the students of today never had the opportunity to:
Hear Mr. McMillan sing the National Anthem at assembly with the entire student body standing at attention while the flag was placed in the standards.
Be grabbed by Mr. Powell for some infraction without thinking about suing him for laying his hands upon you.
Talk to each other without using the "F" word every other word.
Watch the girls walking to class in their Janzen sweater and skirt combination sets and ballet slippers.
Go to an athletic event and actually know the cheers as opposed to watching the cheerleaders perform their latest feats.
Be afraid to go home if you get in trouble at school because you know that you have to face the wrath of parents.
Go to a dance and actually dance.
Walk to school.
Double or triple date because you don't have access to a car or own one.
Go to the drive-in and talk with others or drive through looking cool.
Go to a high school where the only drug in school is a cigarette swiped from a parent and smoked in the bathroom.
Be excited to see the girls gym class in their blue bloomers playing field hockey.
Having the windows open during the school day instead of being confined to an air conditioned space.
Actually participating in a gym class with organized sports.
Carry your books to class rather than carrying around a backpack all day.
Not have to pass through a metal detector upon arrival at school because of the possibility that some fool has brought a gun to school.
Not have a policeman on duty in the hallway to protect the students and teachers.
I was thinking how things have changed on the way to work this morning and thought I'd just pass them along. I'm certain that there are others.
Chit Chat
   Many of the Southeast Knights and Ladies were seen at the airport eating after the ROTC Ball.  Some of the couples seen were:  Barbara Fuller and Tom Baucke, Ann Pierson (S.M.) and Charles Stotts, Sandy Ruhl and Jim Colwell, Bonnie DeMasters and Don Kraft, Barbara Brackney and Clark Smith.
   What's this?  Seems as if I saw three of our big strong Knights, Dave Morton, Clark Smith and George Davenport, hard at work with crochet hooks!
   If you don't believe me just ask Barbara Brackney, Geralann Kratz, or Betty Schick, because they showed the boys the strings! 
   Boy, the "Sadie Hawkin's Dance" at Teen Town was a big success.  I saw the couples swaying to music of the juke box.  Just a few were:  Jo Fenton and Skip Snyder, Peggy Dorsey and Bob Jones, Nanette Preston and Clark Smith, Sandra Ruhl and Jim Colwell, Phyllis Graf and Randy Smithmier, and Roger Taylor and Bev Reynolds.
Students Make Speeches
For Radio Free Europe
   Southeast high school students participated in the Crusade for Freedom campaign. Scrolls with the signatures of over 3/4 of the students are being sent to 70,000,000 people in the Iron Curtain countries. Through the Crusade for Freedom and Radio Free Europe, Americans have an opportunity to help the victims of Soviet imposed Communist government win their way back to freedom.
   Recordings were made by five Southeast students at K.M.B.C., Monday, February 22, for Radio Free Europe. They are Clark Smith, Barbara Brackney, Tom Creel, David Morton, and Beth Fowler. The five were part of  large group of students and prominent citizens from all over Kansas City, who made one minute speeches, which will be used in broadcasts to Iron Curtain countries, on the subject, "What Freedom Means to Me."
   This word propaganda can be interpreted in two ways. It can mean truth or lies. By supporting Radio Free Europe in their broadcasts of truth, each individual can be sure that he is not only helping to arm the spirits of captive people with hope and courage, but that he is supporting the cause of peace throughout the world.
Chit Chat
   Clark Smith has his eye on a cute senior girl. Could her initials be Nanette Preston?
In The Spotlight
   Hurray for Clark Smith, new president of the Round Table, who has definitely earned his place in the Spotlight this week. His familiar smile and winning ways have made him an outstanding figure in the halls of Southeast.
   Clark has participated in student government by serving as Round Table representative for three years. Recently he has taken on another big job as Dave Morton's campaign manager in the student mayor race for City Hall Day. 
   His ability on the football field has been well proven. A two-year letterman, he was named first team tackle on the 1953 Interscholastic League All-Stars and received a position on the district second team.
   Clark is a second lieutenant in the ROTC. He is on the Honor Roll. He has been a member of the a Cappella choir for two years and has appeared in many music assemblies. His outstanding tenor voice has won him many solo spots. He has participated in Knightlites for three years.
   Clark intends to continue his music studies in college and will major in law or general business.
Chit Chat
  Looks like Clark Smith's eye has been caught by a certain junior gal.  Could it be Ruth Weston?
Knight Musicians Entertain
Nelson Gallery of Art Patrons
   A program of music will be given at the Nelson Gallery of Art, December 19 at 2:00 p.m. The Programs will include numbers by the Southeast choir and Octet, with special soloists.
   Nanette Preston will play a violin solo, and Dave Crowley an oboe solo, "No Candle Was There." Don Niebergall and Shannon Jones will play a saxophone duet.
   Soloists will be Sylvia Flannery and Clark Smith doing two vocal numbers.
All of these articles came from issues
of the Tower published our senior year.
As the out-going President of the Round Table Clark presents the
 shield of the Class of 1954 to the Dan Stanley of the Class of '55.
Up until recently years it was the tradition to hang
 each class shield on the wall of the Southeast auditorium.
All the shields are now in storage.
I still have the blanket that each football player got at the end of the season with our number on it and the gold footballs that we received commemorating the season.
Clark's Life
As told by his Grandson
My grandpa was born November 26, 1935 in Sheffield, Alabama.  He played high school, college, and U.S. Navy football.  The U.S. Navy was one of his first and important jobs that came in his life.  The U.S. Navy has been in my family for a while.  So if you're in my family you have to get used to it.
In 1958 grandpa went to the U.S. Navy to get a job.  He was 22 years old.  That was along time ago.  He got a job in the U.S. Navy as administration.  I'm not exactly sure what that is.  He was in the U.S. Navy for about 23 and a half good years working for his country then he retired.
When he retired he took up the job of teaching.  He taught English, Spanish, and NJROTC.  Don't ask me what it is, I'm not sure but I think he taught people to fly in the U.S. Navy.  He taught for 16 years.
He moved to Texas, which is where he is now.  He has a wife, a dog, and a T.V. that he uses to watch pro poker and old movies.  He prefers old movies more than anything else I don't know why but he is my grandpa.
I have never been one for taking photos nor have I allowed too many to be taken.
I think that I MAY have a couple but not certain. It has always been hard to find cameras that are stressed for double ugly.
Here's a very young Clark in 1958 receiving the "American Spirit of Honor Award"  as the Outstanding Recruit of all those graduating from Boot Camp in San Diego
Here's Sally Smith who should get an award for putting up with Clark and raising 7 children.
A 2004 photograph of Sally and Clark Clark and son Michael Smith
A Southeast Memento


"This is Cecil Patterson's necktie which was cut off after winning the city championship.
I think it was done in the auditorium at the final rally before the big game."
Clark Smith
The 2006 Birthday Cruise
Where Southeast Knights and Ladies celebrated their 70th Birthdays
See the entire Birthday Cruise multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
Waiting to board the ship.    Clark and Sally finally on board and relaxing.
Ready for the birthday party with Kay (Harkins) Gangel and John Silkiner
Lois Garner Hightower "knights" Sally
as an "official" Southeast Lady - Class of 1954
Clark and Norman Nester Clark and Carol (Hamarstrom) Jackson
A Shared Photo since the Cruise
Christmas of 2010
Clark and Sally with Pipper and Poppy 2
2013 Update - Caitlin Maulin
This is my grand daughter --- Caitlin Maulin.
She is a straight "A" student in economics.
Junior Caitlin Maulin Earns Big Sky
Championship in Women's Pole Vault
The Bengal women top after second day of competition with 40 points
BOZEMAN, Mont. - Junior Caitlin Maulin led a dominant performance by the Idaho State women's pole vaulters with her victory in the women's pole vault at the Big Sky Indoor Championships today hosted by Montana State. 
Maulin cleared a height of 12-09.50 and her win added 10 points to the women's team total.
“I actually felt really terrible in warmups, but somehow I figured it out," said Maulin. "I just got really excited that I was competing and pulled it all together. I jumped exactly the same as I have all season, so it really just depended on how everyone else handled it.”
BOISE, Idaho - Junior Cailtin Maulin finished first in the women's pole vault at the All-Idaho Cup with a height of 12-05.50. Maulin won the Big Sky Championship in the women's pole vault at the Big Sky Championships in February and holds both the indoor and outdoor Idaho State pole vaulting records.
Congratulations - Caitlin!!!
Dark Days at the Smith House

A very long time of sadness.

Excerpted from a series of emails from Clark
It started in April 2012 when Clark tripped and  broke his hip and femur.
I am in the hospital recovering from hip surgery.  When Sally and I returned from KC, we were late arriving.  I was tired but cleaned up my suitcase and, put it in the garage, and got ready for bed.
Sally was tired also but decided to check email while I was in the other room.  Long story short, she didn't re-store her suitcase to the place in the garage.  I went to sleep and didn't realize that the suitcase had been left out.
 got up for my three o'clock call of nature and tripped over her suitcase.  Broke my hip and the top of my femur.  I'll be in the hospital at least another week. That ends my golf days also.
In later email Clark wrote:
Well, I am home from the Therapy Center after several days of therapy.  It seems to have helped quite a lot.  Medicare/Tricare for Life came thru with a wheel chair, walker, potty chair & stool for the shower.
Friends and family have been great with support from hospital to home and bringing meals etc.
Sally has been down in the back also.  She is having to use a walker till her back heals. At least she is up and about albeit slowly.
Thanks to my Southeast Classmates who have sent along good wishes.  I still appreciate you all even after all these years!
Sally's back problem worsened
Then she too broke her hip
Well, lightening has struck again in this household.  I put Sally in the hospital yesterday with a broken hip too.  Guess we angered the Gods some way or another.
I just got home from the hospital.  Dr. says Sally will need a full hip replacement which they will do tomorrow starting at noon.
Her kids and our local friends have been extremely helpful in this process.  They have run errands, shopped, taken me to and from the hospital and Doctor's appointments.
Her break was not as a result of trauma but a weak spot in the bone even though she had excellent  bone thickness.  It MAY have been caused by something else i.e. a malignancy which they are going to check out also.
Thank God for Medicare/Tricare!
Clark continued to heal -- but Sally's condition
was diagnosed as a more serious problem
Sally is scheduled for both chemo and Radiology treatments.  She has about 10 more of the radiology treatments and has a chemo this coming Monday.  The chemo really kicks her butt so next week will not be a good week.  It will be a challenge.
We went to see the Doctor earlier in the week for an interpretation of her latest MRI. The oncologist showed us a copy of the latest picture and the tumor has completely disappeared.
We were amazed!  She will have to stay with a maintenance program of chemo's every 3 months but for the time being she is free of tumors.   Thanks for your concern and prayers.
Sally was admitted to Arlington memorial Hospital last evening due to a new phenomena in her lungs.  They will be doing a biopsy next week.  She feels better this morning probably because she doesn't have to eat my cooking.
I think Sally is improving slowly, although she is extremely weak which requires that I be at her side almost constantly.  Fortunately, we have a woman who comes to the house for 4 hours, 3 times each week to cook and performs some cleaning functions.
Sally normally has at least two appointments each week involving at least 3 hours each.  I try to get out to the gym a couple of hours each week to work out.  I need this time out to retain sanity and to work out this old body.  As a result, I don't take much time to answer emails although I enjoy doing it.
I sent Marty (Bruns) a lot of stuff I receive that I think might be interesting to other classmates.  I correspond with you and June intermittently.  I also have a couple of old shipmates  that I keep in touch with.
Your emails are very important to me as they keep me in touch as are those of Martin.
Thanks a lot and keep in touch.
 moved Sally to a 24 hour care facility as she was not improving at home.  I think that she has improved somewhat.  They have taken her off of the medication which seems to have cleared her mind some.  I'm just taking it one day at a time.  Thanks for asking
I seem to holding my own but running back and forth and caring for the house and paying the bills and all those things that are required to run a household take a lot of time.  Sally needs to eat more which is a problem.  Last evening I came in the house and discovered that the newly installed wood floors had buckled in one room.
I did not need that.  I'm afraid that water may have leaked through the slab.  The guy is coming here in a little to check.  Oh well, such is life in the slow lane.

There were periods when Clark thought Sally was improving.

But that was not the case.  Her condition got worse.
Sally Smith
passed away on August 13, 2013.
The Long Road to Recovery
There was a period of email silence when classmates wrote to Clark.
But he seldom replied.   Until we got these notes:
Yes the past year and a half has been tough.
Wish I had been better prepared but one does what one can do.  The last two months I have tried to re-enter society.  It is difficult at this age.  I have continued to go to the gym most days and have met a couple of old military guys who have befriended me.
Shannon, since Sally's death, our classmates  have been urging me to join the land of the living again.  I know I should.
I have started to get out and become active again.  I have joined a mixed dance group of seniors.  Most are widows or widowers or divorced persons.  We attend dances at various locales in the DFW.
The first dance I attended was a "Sock Hop".  How many centuries old is that expression?  One that is coming up is a "USO Dance".  Men are requested to wear uniforms or 1940's attire.
As I mentioned  before I have joined a dancing group of folks my age and we dance most evenings in various locations around the Metropolis.
A period passes of receiving no emails from Clark
I have met a lady with whom I enjoy dancing.  She isn't too bad to look at either and among that group we are considered a "couple".   Neither of us necessarily wants to get remarried.   She is a widow whose husband died of mesothelioma a few years back.
There is "no fool like an old fool" and hope I haven't fallen into that category but it gets awfully lonesome eating by myself daily and watching television in the evening alone.
This year I decorated the house for the first time it has been decorated in about 5 years.  I decided that there had been enough sadness in this house to last a life time.
So, I got every decoration that we had including about 20 Santas and decorated the house to the 9's.   I didn't have any help so some things needed your expertise.
The lady who helps me on Friday added her touches which helped.  The house did look good but not many folks saw it.  I did a little decorating outside but not much.
My Christmas was spent with my dance partner, Dot, and friends of hers.  It turned out to be a grand party with 2 former Marines and 2 Sailors and the related bantering that goes along with Sailors and Marines partying together.  I took Dot with me to midnight mass.
We danced most nights between Christmas and New Years.  Great fun, no drinking, and we danced all dances.  Great exercise also.  We have another dance tonight and one tomorrow night.
As you can see, we are getting plenty of exercise and having fun doing it.  We have a glass of wine after we leave the dances.  She has her place and I have the house and my puppies.  I bought her a ring for Christmas but it is not an engagement ring.
Just something  to seal our friendship.
 Happy New Year to you and Bev.  I may be down your way sometime this year.
I assume that you two (Bev and Shannon) will be at the reunion in KC.  
I am bringing Dot with me.  It will be her first exposure to the group and hope that nothing will be said regarding the fact that we are not married.
I plan on giving Dot a ring that weekend.  I am having it made at present and we decided that nothing would take place officially, until Sep 21.  Your thoughts?
Clark's classmates encouraged him to bring
Dot with him to the Southeast 60th Reunion
We were anxious to meet the lady who was putting
Clark back on the road to happiness again.
He had been sad and lonely for too long.
The 60th Southeast Reunion - 2014
See the entire 60th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
Knotts grade school classmates at the picnic
Clark, Larry Thomas, Jerry Campbell, Luann (Mitchell) Nelson, Jean (Stafford) Whitington, Sylvia (Flannery) Kelpe, Jean Anne (Dawson) Williams, Jerry Roberts and Norman Nester
During the tour Clark and Dot with Audrey and Marty Bruns
On the steps of Southeast with his classmates.
Dot and Clark at the reunion dinner.  Clark discussing his Navy experiences.
After the 60th Southeast Reunion
The Party in Branson - 2014
See the entire 60th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
When the 60th Reunion was in the planning stage, Luann Mitchell Nelson contacted several classmates and asked if they might be interested in having a party in Branson, Missouri after the "official" reunion.
Luann called it a Farewell Party as this might very well be the last opportunity we will have to see each other again. 
 Sunday afternoon nine classmates and seven spouses arrived in Branson*
Mary (Hammond) Eberhardt, RC Wilson, Richard & Carolyn (Needels) Copeland
Pat Wilson, Bev (Reynolds) Yonts, Norman Nester, Bev Jones
Tom & Judie (Jordan) Dolson
Shannon Jones, Bob and Luann (Mitchell) Nelson
* Not in the picture - Clark Smith who had a car problem & Duane Eberhardt photographer *
Ours was the first group to be seated at every show.
Clark and Dot with Luann (Mitchell) Nelson and Norman Nester
The Branson party was also called a Farewell Party.
No one knows what the future may hold for each of us.
At our age it is possible we will never see each other again.
 We hope that is not the case.  But you never know.
Final note:
Clark finds happiness and romance again.
Mr. and Mrs., Lester Clark Smith
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