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When this presentation was created in 2004
Charles said he had only one photograph to send.
Charles and his wife Ardyce in 2004
A Personal Message from Chuck
A June 2003 email to Shannon Jones
How nice to hear from friends from yesteryear.
Have thought about a 50th celebration from time-to-time but just don't know if we can attend at this time.
I will be sending a current photo of Ardyce and myself, to you Shannon.  We were never much of a photo-generating family.
Our daughter, Amy, and granddaughter are with us, for a few months, since Amy returned from being a university lecturer in Taiwan and Japan for the past ten years.  She and her husband and daughter will relocate somewhere in the states, later this year.
Our son, Andy, is a golf professional in northern Scottsdale, Arizona, and continues as a single fella.
My profession became fundraising consulting for my last 25 years until we closed that door several years ago.  I continue to provide administrative support to area corporations in the Columbus, Ohio area.
Our home has been in Ohio since 1990; prior to that we were mostly in Nebraska and Iowa in several locations.
Tracy Stanton and I met up just once, a few years ago, but we haven't seen each other since.  Tracy was in business for many years in another part of Columbus, but sold the business a few years ago.
My bride, Ardyce, has been a homemaker for most of our 44 years together, but also is a long-distance caretaker for an aunt in Sioux City, Iowa.  God gave me a real blessing when He gave me Ardyce.  He blessed both of us when He gave us Amy and Andy.
Ardyce and I have come to the place where Jesus Christ has become first and primary in our lives.  God continues to be faithful and steadfast to work with and through us to others who have greater needs.  The ministry He has given each of us has been a blessing difficult to describe.  We are most blessed and thankful to Him.
We hope both of you and the Class of '54 are doing well, are in good health, and are reaching out and touching the lives of others around you ... the rewards of that are very special.
Chit Chat
   Many of the Southeast Knights and Ladies were seen at the airport eating after the ROTC Ball.  Some of the couples seen were:  Barbara Fuller and Tom Baucke, Ann Pierson (S.M.) and Charles Stotts, Sandy Ruhl and Jim Colwell, Bonnie DeMasters and Don Kraft, Barbara Brackney and Clark Smith
ROTC Promotion Time
For Southeast Cadets
   Sergeant Cox, former ROTC instructor at Southeast, has been transferred to Camp Carson, Colorado, where he is personnel sergeant major.
   Each Kansas City high school has only one instructor this year. Ours is Sergeant Stoner, who assisted Sergeant Cox last year.
   Promotion time is always looked forward to by the cadets, and the list just issued includes:  Ronald Belzer, Howard Jones, majors; Tom Baucke, Charles Stotts, captains; Martin Bruns, James Colwell, Don Kraft, Joseph McKinley, Gerald Roberts, first lieutenants; James Flannery, David Hudson, William Honsinger, Joseph Kresse, Authur McEowen, Kenneth Nolan; second lieutenants.
All of these articles came from issues  of the Tower published our senior year.
Music Ratings Given
Honor Outstanding Students
In State Contest at Columbia
   Southeast placed second in the Class A state contest at Columbia, April 30. The Missouri high school music contestants were scored with I, II, or III ratings. Southeast had thirteen I ratings and eleven II's.
   Those receiving a rating of I in the contest were: Marcia Crossley, cello; Don Teeters and Sue Harris, piano; David Crowley, oboe; Fred Hearn, tenor saxophone; Larry Meadows, clarinet; Jim Averill, cornet; Steve Johnson, trombone; Sylvia Flannery, girls' high voice; Ed Steiner, boys' low voice; clarinet quartet─Shannon Jones, Jim Bloss, Bud Crosby, and Gerry Dewar; girls' quartet─Jean Dawson, Sylvia Flannery, Martha Blom, and Jean Nilson.
   Number II ratings were given the following: Dennis Rendina, violin; trombone quartet─Douglas Ayers, Steve Johnson, Charles Stotts, and Charles Brown; Bud Crosby, clarinet; Don Niebergall, alto saxophone; Dick Halliburton, cornet; Douglas Ayers, trombone; Marilyn Johnson, girls' low voice; Gary Walton and Ralph Mills, boys' low voice; Douglas Mattenlee, boy's medium voice; Julie Thompson and Marnell Higley, high voice.
   Hi-Y's President Ball was a big success.  Those seen dancing to Ed Fording's music were: Dorothy Groomer and Bob Hillis, Lucy Biurvall and Randall Smithmier, Barbara Hey and Charlie Stotts, Betty Nelson and Gary Walton, and Jackie Greer and "Chub" Mills.
Charles was the commander of the
Southeast ROTC Drum and Bugle Corps
Larry Meadows - Kent Simcoe - Charles Stotts
Eddie Ryan - Wayne Cook - Bob Gumm - Bill Trogdon - James Tindall
Larry Bisby - Charles Brown - Steve Johnson - Eddie Young - Charles Burnett
Henry Jefferies - Jerry Lehman - Jerald Melvin - Marvin Melvin - William Young
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