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Chuck may not have graduated with us as a Senior - but he
was in classes with many of us all though grade school including his
Junior year at Southeast - when he transferred to another high school.
Chuck went to Blenheim with many of us.
Blenheim Kindergarten - 1942
Blenheim 7th Grade - 1949
First Row boys kneeling Girls Standing - 1. Steve Raphel,  2. Bryan Shields 3. Jim Cowell, 4. Bill Daily 5. David Whitehead (???),        6. Phyllis Graf, 7. Pat Smith and 8. Bob Hardaway (on crutches)
Second Row - 1. Ronald Groening  2. Roger Hibbs, 3. Don Long (partially hidden), 4.  Chuck Welty, Tom Baucke  5. (?? Unknown with head tipped back ??)  6. (?? Dennis ? -- in plaid shirt)
Third Row - standing - 1. Mary Doughty, 2. Joyce Johnson,  3. Donna Niswonger,  4. Jean Herdman (behind Donna) 5. Anita ??         6.  Barbara Payton (wearing scarf - behind boy in plaid shirt),  7.  Roger Smith, 8. John Silkiner , 9. Nancy Henry, and 10. Betty Ulrich
Other girls in back unidentified at this time. (Oletha Lee Ludwig Hart says she is third from the left behind Roger Smith.)
Standing above others -- 1.  Howard Jones (in front)  2. Frank Morris (?? partially hidden ??)  3. Frank Howard (in back).
Cub Scout Pack 108 Paper Drive - about 1946 or 1947
This group of students of all ages were members of Cub Scout Pack 108.
You may recognize a couple of these youngsters who  later went on to Southeast.
Chuck was a member of Pack 108 and remembers the good times we had.  However, he doesn't think he is in this photo.  However, the third kid from the left in the third row  looks like Chuck Welty as I remember him in those days. Gary Fuqua is in this photo too
Chuck says he doesn't remember having a plaid coat like that.  I don't remember having a plaid coat either -- but there I am wearing one. 
Comments on the High School years 
♦  As I remember, going from 7th grade to 8th was a real shock.  It seems I grew up so fast in those years.  I often wonder if others had the same experience. 
♦  Math was never interesting yet I seemed to make good grades in it (an engineering future)?
♦  I see Martin (Marty) Bruns was a life guard at the Swope Park Pool.  I spent weekends in the summer of 1953 and 1954 as a life guard at Lake Sunny Shores in south Kansas City.  I can remember a few life guard stories I'll share with him sometime.  (Hey, Chuck!  share those stories with all of us!)
♦  My activities as a sophomore and junior at Southeast were limited as I worked all my spare time at Duff's Food Store, 6844 Prospect from the Spring of 1952 until late Fall 1954, then off and on for another year or so.   I believe there were a half-dozen small grocery stores between  Meyer and 75th street back then. 
♦  At Duff's I was in command of a bicycle with a small front tire over which was a large wire basket for grocery bags.  Needless to say, my legs were well developed from all that peddling.  I remember when I got a raise from 50 cents to 60 cents an hour.  Then I was making a whole penny a minute!
♦  The ownership of a car brought the cost of operation home to me.  The words "money pit" and "always broke" were now in my vocabulary.  My Dad taught me some lessons here.
Before and After High School
Chuck 1938 
Chuck and his Mom - about 1948. 
Mom is in her 
 Girl Scouts leader uniform. 
 Summer of 1954
Chuck took a trip to California with a couple of his high school buddies
   Don Eichman and Mike Brady.
Cub Scout Charles Welty  
 with Dick Linck saluting the Flag
Fisherman at a Lake Latawana Outing - 1948 
Chuck - Bob Hardaway - Gary Fuqua 
Chuck's High School Cushman motor scooter. 
He says, "Couldn't out run a dog." 
Don Eichman and Mike Brady. 
About Graduating from Southwest
First let me say I am delighted to be considered a member of the Southeast Class of 1954. All my memories are of the kids at Blenheim and Southeast.
Why did I go to Southwest my senior year?  Several reasons:
♦  First being I got involved with a girl who went to school there.  She was a sweet thing and I was lucky to marry her.  To bad we "ran out of gas" in the 70's.
♦  Second reason was my sister Barbara attended Southwest and needed a ride to school.
♦   Third reason we had moved out on Paseo even further from Southeast.
So that is why I left Southeast after my junior year and graduated from Southwest.
Remembering Friends from School 
♦  Bill Daily was a good friend.  My dad loved to fish.  When we were in 7th and 8th grade, dad took Bill and me on several overnight fishing trips to the Ozarks.  Bill was a neat kid and I enjoyed his company.  Last October (2009) Mary Lou and I drove to Marco Island, and on the way home we stopped in Niceville, Fl.  and visited with Bill and Barbara. 
♦  Good old Tom Baucke.  He was always an up-beat kid.  Fun to be around.  I remember his parents were older --Tom was older.  He had his driver's license about a year before I did.  I can remember driving around in an old (not then) green Studebaker many a Friday and Saturday night after I got off work.  Also, Tom attended Memorial Christian Church as I did.  We had many a grand time.  I ran into Tom at Home Depot here in Overland Park.  We had a long conversation with much in common.  He was interested in old airplanes or any airplane as I am.  I wanted him to go to the big Oshkosh fly-in with me, but he was called up above by a higher power, God.   
♦  Of course I remember you (Shannon).  The only guy I ever knew with a "Doodle Bug" motor scooter!!! WOW!!!  I also remember you and your wonderful mother lived at the south end of Blenheim Park.  Nothing but good memories of Cub Pack 108 and Troop 108. 
♦  I really appreciate reconnecting with my old friends Bill Daily, Don Eichman, John Silkiner, Dave Morton, Neil Bernard, Lois Garner Hightower - (she looks great!) and the others at the Thursday luncheons!   
"It seems like old memories become more valuable as we get older." 
Reminiscing about the Southeast Faculty
♦   I was fond of Larry Bates -- a wonderful man who I would get to know better later in life. 
♦  Kudos to Jim Curtis and Vernon Griggs.  I had Curtis for World History.  When he found out I was interested in WWI aircraft, as was he, we had some good discussions about them. 
♦  Mr. Rice taught General Science and Physics.  I did well in these subjects (a week-out course for pre-engineering students at KU).  Rice was a good teacher. 
♦  Good old Claude Harman was a find drafting teacher.  We got along swell.  A's here.  It seems there were always two or three class clowns trying to drive him nuts.  
♦  Spanish, we really don't want to talk about.  Undoubtedly, I was Miss Towner's worst student.  The only thing I remember about Spanish class was that many of the girls in class were cute.  How about that! 
See what other classmates had to say about our teachers.
 The Faculty section is listed on the Home menu 
My Thoughts on ROTC
ROTC was the most under rated class in the whole school.  Sgts. Kerr and Cox knew so much and we were so immature and ignorant of what was going on in the world.  Korea was on fire.  Even though I took only two years of ROTC, I learned things there about leadership (unknowingly) that I remembered much later as I advanced in the business world.  In my "old things trunk" I have stripes for a Sgt 1st class.  (Chuck is the SGT 1st class on the top row left in the photo above). 
As I remember, I received this rank at the end of my sophomore year.  I should have continued on two more years.
I remember you Shannon and Marty (at Fort Leavenworth summer camp) and a heck of a lot of rain, wet bedding, the M-1 rifle and hot coffee (a first for me), and mud, mud, mud.
See the ROTC pages in the Activates section.
 The Activates section is listed on the Crusader menu 
My Professional Life
"I wasted time in high school.
However, responsibilities soon put my nose to the grindstone.
I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from KU and a MBA from MU.  "
Chuck was project manager for this 2-1/2 year project.
Submerged HDPE Water Pipe line crossing Truman Lake,
Line Saves Money and Time. Clinton Missouri water treatment plant.
Technician and Chuck testing a 
new pump design in KU Hydraulics
Laboratory - 1964
I was recruiting new graduate
engineers for my company at the
 Iowa State University .
Chatting with CY the Cyclone's mascot
200,000 Elevated Water Storage Tank
Sunrise Beach, Mo. Shawnee Bend
Lake of the Ozarks
Two of Chucks inventions
"Two U.S. patents. 
The company made a nice profit on each of these devices."
On the LAND
Chuck and his Wheels
Chuck and his son Ken have been building and restoring this red 1938 Chevy Street Rod.
It's Finally Done! Chuck's First Car - A yellow 1946 Ford
Celebrating "it is finally done." Convertible purchased July 1952 for $600.
June 24, 2010
Chuck drove his pride and joy to the 109th weekly First Watch gathering of his classmates. He parked his Chevy along side Neil Barnard's 1941 Chevy.
BOYS and their TOYS!
On the WATER
There is no denying that Chuck has been an avid fisherman all his life.
August 2003
Big Sand Lake Minaki, Ontario Walleye
best fish of the trip.
Lake of the Ozarks - June 2009
"Had a hard time lading this fish as it broke the net, then a gaff hook. Should have weighed it.  A big mouth Buffalo for a lake record.  A photo and article were published in the K.C. Star."
Canada - August 2007
Another Fishing Trip
An August 2010 email to David Morton
"Eight other guys and I will leave for Ames, Iowa early, early, early on August 20, for a week fishing on Lake Suel, Ontario, Canada. Hard fishing and a real good time.
Most probably (weather permitting), we'll catch lots of Walleyes and a few Northern Pike. Eat fresh fish once or twice a day. Doesn't that sound good! Not much beer or cards as we are too "pooped" from 10 - 12 hours on the water! An all boy thing,.
But we are looking for one good woman who likes to cook, clean cabins, clean fish and dig worms. We would prefer a gal who has a boat and motor. If interested she could send me a picture of the boat and motor!"
Another Water Project
Working on the restoration of a 1959 wooden Chris Craft with son Ken.
In the AIR
January 1978 
Chucks pilot license 
Spring 1954 
Chuck beside the family's Piper PA-12 
In a Learjet 60 simulator - 2006 
 They wouldn't let
 me loose in the real thing. 
Chino California - 1988 
Just finished familiarization check ride in this Classic WWII fighter. A real thrill! 
"Our Cessna 172" - Ames, Iowa 1984 
Starting Over with 
Charles & Mary Lou Welty 
A Message from Mary Lou 
In response to an email from Shannon Jones 
Chuck is in Canada until Friday so maybe I can fill in some of the blanks (for his web page).
We met in 1984 in Ames Iowa. That was my home town.  He had a neighbor that knew me and I had a neighbor that knew him so between the two of them they convinced him to call me.  He had seen me before at our Country Club but we had never talked.  I knew most everyone in his neighborhood but for some reason our paths had never crossed.
The first time we went out we were going flying but it rained so we went to the movie Ghost Busters. Chuck was part owner of a 172 Cessna.  After our first date we were together for the next two years then married in June of 1986.  
It's been a wonderful 24 years since that time.  Chuck was married 30 yrs. and I had been married 20 yrs.  He later asked me when I decided he was the one and I told him after that first date.
Chuck has three children and I have one.  My son and family are in St. Joseph, MO.  Chuck's oldest daughter is in Virginia, his middle son in this area, and his youngest son bought the house next to our lake home at Lake of the Ozarks and they live there full time.   It's great to have them there and makes our trips to the lake much more enjoyable.
Four Generations
Chuck - daughter, Chris
Grandson Dustin,
Great Grandson Dustin Jr.
June 1974
Boy Scouts - Chuck and Ken
Lake of the Ozarks - Boat Races - 2007
Ken, Mary Lou, Chuck, Grandkids - Nate & Morgan
Chuck's son, Ken, loves to work with his hands and is a great auto/body man who now works on boats also.  He has a big building close to his house where all the "men" things happen.  They are restoring a Chris Craft wooden boat and they work on the '38 Chevy there too.
Chuck bought a lot there years ago.  His parents built a home on the lot and the family has enjoyed all that goes with it for many years. 
Chuck with son Jeff at the local petting zoo with grand daughter Emma Leigh.
Goat is unidentified.
Surprise party!
Chuck with two grand daughters.
"The candles won't blow out!"
We have one great-grandson and another on the way.  Both back east so we don't see them very often.  We are both retired but Chuck does work for his old Engineering Firm, Larkin, part time and I do interior decorating out of our house part time.  It's great to be able to do what you want when we want.  Keeps the mind stimulated!!
Well, I'm just waiting for the fish to come (from Chuck's fishing trip in Canada).  He always brings a his limit home.  They eat most of them and usually catch more than they can devour.  Many are returned to the lake to be caught at a later time.
Mary Lou.
Chuck and Mary Lou
at the First Watch weekly luncheon.
The 60th Southeast Reunion - 2014
See the entire 60th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
Chuck and Mary Lou with Marty Bruns and Don Kraft
Chuck and Mary Lou Welty
were the primary organizers of the 60th Reunion
Chuck with his Blenheim grade school classmates
Lois (Garner) Hightower, Chuck Welty, Glenna (Ellis) Conlon, Ed Steiner, Carol (Hamarstrom) Jackson, Allen Johnson, Ronnie Moore and Shannon Jones
Chuck and Mary Lou frequently attend
the weekly Southeast lunches at IHOP
Chuck and Allen Johnson
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