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Mary wanted to share these memories and pictures as she walks you through her life.
The Early Years
I attended Wm. A Knox grade school before going on to Southeast High school in 1950.
I was born in Kansas City, Missouri  on June 18, 1936.
The youngest of 2 children, Johnny being the oldest, I grew into a budding young lady on 68th Street in what was affectionately referred to as Fox Town.
They were incredible years, Friday night movies at the Sun Theatre, Saturday nights at Teen Town, sleigh rides, ice skating in the park, swimming, and trips to Fairyland Park.
The Sun Theater - about 1935
Even ditching classes and getting caught, the 8th hours, passing notes and forging parents signatures.
The High School Years
I have so many fond memories of my school days, of all the people, Knightlites, football games, formals, chorus, and slumber parties.
My favorite two teachers I guess are Mr. Tira and Miss Mossman. I’m sure I didn’t appreciate, at the time, their dedication and sacrifice to all of us for their Saturday nights at Teen Town.
All too soon school days are over and it's on to the business of raising a family and working.
The family has grown to seven grandchildren, four boys and three girls and 2 great grandsons.
In my case four children, one girl and three boys all the while living in Kansas City.
I love spending time with Melanie in Phoenix, Jeff in Overland Park and Joe in Hutchinson.
Retirement Years
In 1990 Lou and I retired to Arizona where dancing and theatre have become my passion. Since 1991 I have been involved in 12 variety shows and 4 musical comedies.
 I also entered the Ms. Senior All American pageant and won first place.
August of 2000 I entered the North American Tap Dance competition and qualified for the world competition in Germany.
In January 2004 I entered the All American Dance competition with 3 dance routines.
 Our group won gold in all three routines in the senior division and one number won special mention.
Mary at the 2004 Reunion
The most recent picture we could find of Mary was at one of the weekly Southeast lunches in 2009  
Tom Williams, Mary (Attebery) Lanham and Don Kraft 
Mary Through the Years 
Mary Attebery Lanham 
Passed away on June 28, 2015 
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