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It is impossible to separate these two smiling charmers.
So they will have to share the same page in this presentation.
Our yearbook may have had their photos switched but we don't ... I hope!
Sharon Ducate (Bedinger) Shirley Ducate (Hoffman)
Sharon and Shirley sent us two scrapbooks of goodies.
Later on we'll Show you a presentation of what they sent.
More Memorabilia
Do you remember these prices?
What we remember about High School
by Sharon and Shirley
8th Grade - Assigned to Mrs. Campbell’s a.m. Common Learnings class with a lot of really smart people.
Speech Class - Debating whether or not Hawaii and Alaska should be admitted as states. What would be done with the design of the flag?
Civics Class - Copying the entire Missouri constitution on a roll of wallpaper.
Teen Town - crying over boys in the restroom.
Mrs. Mosman and Mr. Tira chaperoning Teen Town every Saturday night! Their rulers that they used to separate couples.
Suds in the Meyer fountain every Senior Skip Day.
Stopping at the flag pole while the flag was being raised even if it made you late to school.
Carol Hamarstrom having the teacher’s edition to the first year Spanish book. Unfortunately, we all took 2nd year Spanish.
GRP (George R. Powell) calling students to the office who had to serve 8th hours.
Miss Musgrave telling us she was getting married.
Miss Latshaw teaching American History in first person and dressing the role she was playing.
Marvin Langford’s Family Living - of course, sex couldn’t be mentioned, but we did talk about babies and marriage.
Riding the public bus to basketball games downtown.
Eating sno cones at baseball games at CYO stadium.
Swimming at Fairyland Park.
Walking home from school. Stopping for cherry phosphates at Blaylock’s Drug Store.
Senior Advertisements
Personals ─
Not responsible for debts other than my own. Shirley Ducate.
Not responsible for debts other than my own. Sharon Ducate.
Girls to Be in Royal
   Sharon and Shirley Ducate, Phyllis Graf, Claudia Horn, and Kay Lockwood brought an honor to Southeast by being chosen to participate in the American Royal Coronation Ball, October 16.
   Several of the girls will participate in the two dance numbers and the others will be pages to the queen.
   From 147 girls, the five judges chose sixty. The girls wore shorts and blouses. They were judged on dancing ability, poise, and beauty.
Chit Chat
   The Freshman girls are learning fast. They know what to do on those lonely Saturday nights, they have slumber parties. Their latest one was held at Jo Ann Buck's house. Those present were: Betty Ulrich, Claudia Horn, Shirley Scherrer, Jane Bras, Shirley and Sharon Ducate, Phyllis Graf, Nancy Henry, Kay Harkins, Mary Ann Cooper, Sandra Biurvall, Mary Louise Erickson, and Marion Gabel.
   Darlene Stanley had a rip, roarin' Halloween party after teen town. Leann Riggs and Jerry Campbell, Barbara Fuller and Dick Linck, Shirley Ducate and Don Kelly (K.C.U.), and Don Eichman were all seen haunting the place.
Chit Chat
   Some senior gals really had a swell picnic. After stuffing themselves they all went down to the memorial fountain on Meyer, took off their shoes and went wading. Oletha Ludwig and Shirley Ducate were the victims of foul play. Seems someone shoved them in much to the hilarity of: Dianne Maple, Mabel Greenlee, Leann Riggs, and Barbara Fuller.
   The Kenny White Band played for a "Backward" dance at Garret Hall. It seems that the girls took the boys and made them corsages out of vegetables! Some of the guys and gals there were: Betty Huska and Dick Kirwan, Shirley Ducate and Dave Hudson, "Louie" Erickson and Gary Barnard (Paseo), Barbara Pierce and Darrell Koll, Yvonne Strode and Jimmy Nye, and Claudia Horn and Don Miller.
   A real cool senior hen party was held at Claudia Horn's house the other evening. Some of the senior girls seen ─ rather heard ─ were: Liz Crosby, Cecelia Spann, JoAnn Fish, Barb Fuller, Shirley Scherrer, and the Ducates.
   The Ducates it seems have just climaxed a race. They say that a certain "Sam" from Southwest has stolen vivacious Sharon. Shirley is going steady with Dave Hudson of Southeast.
   Some of the welcoming committee for Mary Louise Erickson's 16 birthday were Shirley Fenton, Doris Wadsworth, Carol Gain, Nancy Tolen, Lois Barker, Nanette Preston and the Ducate twins.
All of these articles came from issues of the Tower published our freshman and senior years.
Sharon and Shirley's Scrapbooks
The Bedinger and Hoffman Families
David & Sharon Beddinger - Rodman & Shirley Hoffman
The Bedinger and Hoffman Families
Sharon and Shirley at Southeast Reunions
Sharon and Shirley at the 1979 and 1989 Reunions
Unfortunately these are the only two photos we could find
that show Sharon and Shirley at the 2004 Southeast 50th Reunion
The 2006 Birthday Cruise
Where Southeast Knights and Ladies celebrated their 70th Birthdays
See the entire Birthday Cruise multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
Relaxing onboard the Enchantment of the Sea
Sharon and Shirley Shopping at a port stop Liz Crosby with Shirley and Sharon
Shirley, David and Sharon back with their shopping bootie
David and Sharon Rod with Bev and Shannon Jones
Sea Breezes and old high school friends
Rod, Shirley,
Sharon, David
Sharon, Shirley, Ramah (Edwards) Rembold and Shirley (Peterman) Wheatley
Shirley, Sharon, and Gisela & Charlie McGehee
Shirley and Rod Sharon
Phase ONE - The Luncheon in Kansas City
The 55th Southeast Reunion - 2009
See the entire 55th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
Nannette (Preston) Hutton, Sharon, Shirley and Bev (Reynolds) Yonts
Carol (Hamarstrom) Jackson, Shirley, Sharon and Shirley (Scherrer) Nye
Nannette, Sharon, Shirley
and Shannon Jones
Phase TWO - In Branson, Missouri
The 55th Southeast Reunion - 2009
See the entire 55th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
Shirley and Rod at Montana Mike's Steak House Sharon
Seeing the NOAH Show with friends
Sharon, Shirley (Scherrer) Nye, Tom and Jean Anne (Dawson) Williams, Shirley and Leroy Ganser
Sharon and Shirley at he NOAH show with Jim and Shirley Nye, Pat and Leroy Ganser, Mary (Hammond) Eberhardt, Tom and Jean Anne Williams.
Party Party Party
Shirley and Pat Ganser Sharon, Glenna (Ellis) Conlon and Shirley
Shirley, Ron Moore, Sharon Sharon, Don Teeters, Shirley
Shirley, Shirley (Scherrer) Nye, Carol (Hamarstrom) Jackson, Sharon
The 60th Southeast Reunion - 2014
See the entire 60th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
Sharon and Shirley at the reunion picnic Bev Jones, Bev (Reynolds) Yonts and Shirley
George and Mary Lou (Alexander) Rowe and Shirley
Tom Keefe. Sharon, Doug Mattenlee and Shirley
Sharon and Shirley at the reunion dinner
Carolyn (Needels) Copeland, Sharon, Barb (Fuller) Comer and Shirley


I just thought I'd say
I love you and goodbye.
We will miss you dearly
I promise I won't cry.
I will never forget our talks
Conversations on the phone.
How happy you were to see me
Each time I came home.
You worried so much about me
I worried about you too.
I know this is the hardest thing
We've ever had to do.
I know you'll always be with me
Wherever I will go.
No one needs to show me
I will always know.
I don't know what to do
I never thought I'd lose you.
Where I'll go from here
I still haven't got a clue.
Be my guiding light.
Giving me the strength I need
With you now out of sight.

You're my guardian angel

Sitting on my shoulder.
Whispering your words of wisdom
To use as I grow older.
I don't want to say goodbye
But we'll meet again someday.
We'll pick up where we left off.
Before you went away
Left this world and her beloved sister
February 2017
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