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Shirley shared photos of herself with school friends.
School Days
1941 1955
Shirley on Pershing School Playground
Shirley and the "boys"
Roger Taylor - Kippy Johnson - Bill Morris Warren Bisby - Bob Hillis
Slumber Party
Shirley and Pat - Christmas 1955
Shirley with Kay Harkins
Shirley and Lois Garner
Shirley and Pat Bixman
Lois Barker - Shirley - Nancy Tolen
   "Let's go to the game tonight and show the Indians what we think of them," say our cheerleaders, Dave Hudson, Dick Shinkle, Joe Wilkerson, Shirley Fenton, Betty Ulrich and Kay Harkins.
Favorite By-Words
Shirley Fenton ─ "Peachy Keen."
Ronnie Doyle ─ "Don't know do ya?"
Mabel Greenlee ─ "Think about it."
Betty Ulrich ─ "Hello ... out there."
Willa Thelan ─ "Loooooooook out!"
Deanna Smithmier ─ "I woudn't do it!"
Luann Mitchell ─ "Kill it."
Claudia Horn ─ "Bless you. Bless   you."
Edell Schaefer ─ "A Trojan!"
Chit Chat
It's a lonesome old town now says Dixie Leone, Shirley Fenton, and May Lou Alexander since their better halves are college bound.
   The Christmas holidays will be extra happy for Kay Harkins, Mary Lou Alexander, Luann Mitchell, Shirley Fenton, Dixie Leone, and Carol Hamarstrom.  Looks like Santa is bringing Sonny, George, Bob, Tom, Conrad, and Raymond back home.
   Some of the welcoming committee for Mary Louise Erickson's 16 birthday were Shirley Fenton, Doris Wadsworth, Carol Gain, Nancy Tolen, Lois Barker, Nanette Preston and the Ducate twins.
   The senior girls had a chili supper before our Westport game, October 24, at Carolyn Stewart's house. A few of the gals seen there were: Shirley Fenton, Nancy Tolen, Roberta Pilant, Barbara Blattman, Doris Wadsworth, Mabel Greenlee and naturally Carolyn.
Hill to Head Crusader;
Eckstein, Eichman Aids
   At the beginning of the new school year our Crusader Staff promptly began work. Mr. Tira supervisor, chose the staff: Danny Hill, editor, Louis Eckstein and Don Eichman, assistant co-editors; Mary Louise Erickson, secretary and business manager; Ann Atchinson, literary editor; Lois Garner and Darlene Stanley, art editors; Oletha Ludwig, senior editor; Leann Riggs, junior editor; Shirley Fenton, sophomore editor; Carol Gain, freshman editor, Jane Seitz, eight grade editor; Carol Hamarstrom, clubs and activities; Phyllis Graf, athletics. With this staff, we can be looking forward to an outstanding Crusader in '54.
Pep Assembly Arouses
Enthusiasm of Knights
   Pep was the theme of the first assembly of the year. Dave Morton our new and highly talented round table president, introduced our couches, Mr. Patterson, Mr. Bates, and Mr. Chamblee.
   Shirley Fenton, one of our new cheerleaders, presented the football team to a highly enthusiastic body of students. The team was given a whole-hearted sendoff for their game with Paseo by the combined efforts of the cheerleaders and students.
Chit Chat
   Pat Bixman's new house was initiated with a swell party. Some seen there were: Louise Erickson, Dianne Maple, Shirley Fenton, Duane Phillips (Paseo), and Gary Barnard (Paseo).
Senior Advertisements
Lost and Found ─
● Wad of slightly used bubble gum. For information, stick to Dixie Vaughn.
One boy believed to be in the vicinity of Rolla School of Mines. For information, see Shirley Fenton. Reward.
Wanted ─
● Key to fit any '53 hard top Olds convertible. See Claudia Horn. No questions asked.
 ● Two one way tickets to Fort Riley. See Kay Harkins and Luann Mitchell for further information.
● One large farm suitable to raising pigs. See Pat Bixman ─ Urgent!
● A personal interview with Marilyn Monroe. Call for any (all if possible) senior boy.
● One expert bird caller for "Tweedie." For information call bird lover Betty Ulrich.
For Sale ─
● One slightly used football team, sell cheap. Apply Northeast High School.
● Please!! Five female members of the Tower staff. Reasonable. Call Eddie Steiner as soon as possible.
Personals ─  
● Shadowing. If in doubt, we find out. Dial Fact Finding Fuller.
● Date? DE 1592. C.U. Usual time. Bring money. G.R.P.
● Not responsible for debts other than my own. Shirley Ducate.
● Not responsible for debts other than my own. Sharon Ducate.
Chit Chat
   The Beta dance and banquet at the YMCA was a big success. Those seen dancing to the music were: Shirley Fenton and Tom Cowling, Sue Davidson and Bob Hillis, Ann Atchinson and Bob Hodges, Carol Means and Jim Bloss, Phyllis Graf and Randall Smithmier, Mona Halliburton and Earl Crawford, Barbara Brackney and Lynn Alexander, and Beth Fowler and Shannon Jones.
Knightlites and Assembly
Acts Entertain Centralites
In An Exchange Program
  Southeast talent had the privilege of entertaining Central students in an exchange assembly, Tuesday April 20.
   Shirley Fenton outdid herself with a real fast "fast tap" number.
All of these articles came from issues
of the Tower published our senior year.
Shirley at Southeast Reunions
Shirley at the 2004 Reunion
Comment from a Classmate
 Last year, the Theatre in the Park, here in Kansa City, produced Cole Porter's "Anything Goes".  It was a very enjoyable performance.  The highlight of the production was the tap dancing, and there was a lot of it.  Several times, there must have been at least a hundred people on the stage tap dancing.  It was awesome - the best dancing I've seen in years.
What made it very special was that the choreographer was Shirley Fenton Marley. 
Dan Hill
The 55th Southeast Reunion - 2009
See the entire 55th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
All set to enjoy some good food.
Shirley with Beth (Fowler) Hite
 Lifeong buddies Shirley and Kay (Harkins) Gangel with Steve Raphel
Barb (Fuller) Comer, Betty (Ulrich) Thiel and Shirley
The 60th Southeast Reunion - 2014
See the entire 60th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
Shirley at the IHOP luncheon and at the reunion picnic.
Shirley at the reunion dinner.
Shirley helping Lois (Garner) Hightower read the names of deceased classmates Sitting with Betty (Moehle) Dewitt and Dean DeWitt at dinner.
Shirley with her Pershing grade school classmates
Ed Hayes, Mary (Hammond) Eberhardt, Betty (Moehle) DeWitt, Shirley, Donna (Hargis) Kissinger, Lois (Garner) Hightower, Pat (Corder) Valleau, Earl Crawford, and Kay (Harkins) Gangel
Shirley is a frequent attendee
at the weekly Southeast lunches
Carolyn (Stewart) Ready, Dean DeWitt, Tom Williams and Shirley
Lois (Garner) Hightower, Shirley and Beth (Fowler) Hite  
Shirley with Sandy (Steele) Jones and Kay (Harkins) Gangel
Shirley with Beth (Fowler) Hite and Jerry Roberts
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