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Here are some pictures Barb sent.
And we threw in a few photographs she doesn't know we had!
High School Friends
You didn't send us this one, Barb.
Wanna guess who did?
This one was labeled "Slumber Party."
This is a sleep position?
Barb sent us this photo
but I don't recognize the "faces".
Barb shared several photos of her pals.
Chit Chat
   Many of the Southeast Knights and Ladies were seen at the airport eating after the ROTC Ball.  Some of the couples seen were:  Barbara Fuller and Tom Baucke, Ann Pierson (S.M.) and Charles Stotts, Sandy Ruhl and Jim Colwell, Bonnie DeMasters and Don Kraft, Barbara Brackney and Clark Smith.
   Luann Mitchell, Betty Ulrich, Doris Wadsworth, Barb Fuller and Mary Blackburn were a few of the senior gals havin' a good time at Carol Gain and Jo Ann Buck's hen party the other night.
   Those senior gals are really mad over money.  Some of the kids that can be seen slaving away on Thurs-day nights and Saturdays are: Nancy Henry, Mary Lou Alexander, Mary Louise Erickson, and Barbara Fuller at Macy's, Dixie Leone, Doris Wads-worth and Luann Mitchell at Klines and Pat Bixman at Rothschilds
Senior Advertisements
Lost and Found ─
● Wad of slightly used bubble gum. For information, stick to Dixie Vaughn.
● One boy believed to be in the vicinity of Rolla School of Mines. For information, see Shirley Fenton. Reward.
Wanted ─
● Key to fit any '53 hard top Olds convertible. See Claudia Horn. No questions asked.
 ● Two one way tickets to Fort Riley. See Kay Harkins and Luann Mitchell for further information.
● One large farm suitable to raising pigs. See Pat Bixman ─ Urgent!
● A personal interview with Marilyn Monroe. Call for any (all if possible) senior boy.
● One expert bird caller for "Tweedie." For information call bird lover Betty Ulrich.
For Sale ─
Shadowing. If in doubt, we find out. Dial Fact Finding Fuller.
● Date? DE 1592. C.U. Usual time. Bring money. G.R.P.
● Not responsible for debts other than my own. Shirley Ducate
● Not responsible for debts other than my own. Sharon Ducate.
Chit Chat
   Beverly Reynolds is about to be crowned the first Football Queen of Southeast High School at the victory dance held in our gym. Beverly's attendants are: Carol Gain, Barbara Fuller, and Dianne Maple.
   A real cool senior hen party was held at Claudia Horn's house the other evening. Some of the senior girls seen ─ rather heard ─ were: Liz Crosby, Cecelia Spann, JoAnn Fish, Barb Fuller, Shirley Scherrer, and the Ducates.
   Picnics, picnics and more picnics!! Duke Harrison and Nanette Preston, Harry Hutton and Barb Fuller, Jerry Campbell and Leann Riggs, Randy Smithmier and Phyllis Graf, and Bill Daily and Nancy Tolen really had a swell time. Liz Crosby and Joe Lamers also had fun on their picnic.
   Some senior gals really had a swell picnic. After stuffing themselves they all went down to the memorial fountain on Meyer, took off their shoes and went wading. Oletha Ludwig and Shirley Ducate were the victims of foul play. Seems someone shoved them in much to the hilarity of: Dianne Maple, Mabel Greenlee, Leann Riggs, and Barbara Fuller.
In The Spotlight
   Lovely and gracious Barbara Fuller, one of Southeast's most outstanding seniors steps into the Spotlight this week.
   Barbara's leadership abilities were shown when she was chosen to be secretary of the senior class and a member of the senior business committee. She was a candidate for Round Table president.
   Her pleasing personality combined with natural charm and grace won her the honor of being an attendant to the football queen and ROTC princess.
   Barbara has been president of the Junior Red Cross. She was treasurer and sergeant-at-arms of Centinelas. At the present time she is finance chairman of the Pep Club and assistant secretary of Teen Town.
   Her outstanding work on the 1952-1953 Tower Staff enabled her to become a member of Quill and Scroll.
   She has participated in Knightlites four years.
   Missouri University is Barbara's choice for college. Her ambition is to become a teacher.
Glenna Ellis, Don Eichman Chosen
As Senior Class Leaders for 1954
   The seniors of '54 have elected these capable students to lead them this year; Glenna Ellis, president; Don Eichman, vice-president; Barbara Fuller, secretary; Oletha Ludwig, treasurer; Leann Riggs, giftorian; Dick Linck, publicist and Roger Taylor, sergeant-at-arms.
Chit Chat
   Darlene Stanley had a rip, roarin' Halloween party after teen town. Leann Riggs and Jerry Campbell, Barbara Fuller and Dick Linck, Shirley Ducate and Don Kelly (K.C.U.), and Don Eichman were all seen haunting the place.
Victory Dance Held
Dianne Maple Crowned Queen;
Candidates Act as Attendants
    Exuberant spirits and spring frocks were adorned for the basketball victory dance. 
   The highlight of the evening was the crowning of the basketball queen and her attendants.  Dianne Maple, the queen, reigned over the dance with the aid of her attendants, Gale Horton, Barbara Fuller, Linda Harling, and Julie Thomson.
   At 9:00, the blue and red decorated gym was fully lighted.  The queen and her attendants were escorted to the throne.  Speeches were made and crowns were placed on the girls by Mr. McMillan, Mr. Powell, Mr. Adams, Mr. Bates, and Danny Stan-ley.  With the Stand Stanton band providing music, the royalty danced memorable dances with the one who had crowned them.
   The girls then danced wit their escorts.  They were: Dianne and Pat Cartwright, Gale and Harvey Greer, Barbara and Harry Hutton, Linda and Danny Stanley, and Julie and Bob Butler.
   Dianne wore a white formal with a corsage of red roses.  Barbara Fuller and Gale Horton wore blue gowns with pink roses.  Linda wore lavender and Julie wore aqua.  Both dresses were adorned with orchids.  All in all, the basketball victory dance was a complete success.
All of these articles came from issues
of the Tower published our senior year.
THESE HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS who will be eligible to vote in the 1956 election tried out a voting machine demonstration at a Southeast Community council dinner at Covenant Presbyterian church.  Miss Barbara Fuller , 924 East seventy-sixth street terrace, is pulling a lever to vote a straight party ticket.
Watching her is Miss Leann Riggs, 927 East seventy-sixth terrace.  Both attend Southeast high school.  John W. Oliver, former chairman of the election board, asked the support of the council in a bond election next December to purchase the machines. In a polling place only one person would at the machine and the curtain behind Miss Riggs would be closed.

Kansas City Star photograph

Marriage and the Comer Family
Barbara Fuller's marriage to Ron Comer - 1955
Lois Barker - Nancy Tolen - Mary Lou Alexander - Barbara Fuller
  Leann Riggs - Virginia Fuller - Jo Ann Fish - Sharon Fuller
Barb and Ron at the 1999 Southeast Reunion
Ron and Barb Comer Dixie and Ed Steiner with Barb
Barb at the 2004 Southeast Reunion
The 2006 Birthday Cruise
Where Southeast Knights and Ladies celebrated their 70th Birthdays
See the entire Birthday Cruise multimedia presentation
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Betty (Moehle) DeWitt,
Bob and Luann (Mitchell) Nelson and Barb
Leaving a big ship to ride a little shuttle on the way to Cozumel
Barb and Ron Comer with Pat and Leroy Ganser.
Good food with good friends in Cozumel
Ray and Carol (Hamarstrom) Jackson,
 Glenna (Ellis) Marshal, Kay (Harkins) Gangel, Ron and Barb Comer
Barb and Ron at the Birthday Party
Carol (VonDemfange) McNabney, Barb and Ron
Barb with Liz (Crosby) Bonner,
Kay (Harkins) Gangel and Glenna (Ellis) Marshall at the Last Day Cocktail Party
Barb and Ron with Ray Jackson and Nanette (Preston) Hutton
Breakfast at Sea
The 55th Southeast Reunion - 2009
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Barb at the Cinzetti Luncheon with Mary (Blackburn) Foree
Barb with Charlie and Gisela McGehee and Nanette (Preston) Hutton
The 60th Southeast Reunion - 2014
See the entire 60th Reunion multimedia presentation
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Barb and Ron at the reunion picnic and dinner
Marlborough grade school classmates
Sandy (Steele) Jones, Carolyn (Needels) Copeland,
 Sharon (Ducate) Bedinger, Barb Comer and Shirley (Ducate) Hoffman
Sometimes Barb and Ron
attend the weekly Southeast lunches
Jim Jefferies, Ron and Barb Comer
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