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Here are some interesting pictures
and information about Lois you may not remember.
The Early Years and Elementary School
Playmates Lois and Judy Dice
Lois when she was a 6th grader.
Daredevils - Shirley Fenton and Lois
Lois several years later when she upgraded her mode of transportation
Lois is in here somewhere - 4th grade.
Friends Lois and Judy a bit older.
She's in here too - somewhere?
This is Lois' 7th grade class at Pershing.
Lois  fist went to Blenheim grade school and finished grade school at Pershing. 
Southeast High School Years
Lois was president of Dorians and "the best" artist in the Senior class.
Notice Lois' Knightlites poster in the showcase "Howling Success".
Not only was Lois' poster a prize winner but she also helped design our 1954 Class shield.
Y-Teen Candlelight Ceremony
Betty Wilson - Beth Fowler - Lois Garner - Ann Atchinson - Carol Von Demfange
Toni Budd and Lois on graduation night.
'54 Shield Portrays Very Successful Year
   For a shield that’s really over-flowing, the class of ’54 has it. Darlene Stanley and Lois Garner have worked hard to create an outstanding shield.
   The shield represents, left to right:  Upper corner, special shovel with construction forms in background indicating our long awaited additions
   The City Hall, with Kansas City’s flag as a background, reminds us of our high school day mayor, Dave Morton.
   On the right is the Beta Club gavel.  This is for our district president, Oletha Ludwig and the forming of the new Belton chapter.
   The trophies in the middle left square are Roger Taylor’s Nigro trophy and Kent Bryan’s outstanding player award. The U. S. map in the background signifies Roger being All-American.
  The center of the shield shows a football and basketball because Southeast was a champion in both of these sports.
   Next to this is a megaphone which represents the forming of a successful pep club.  The camera represents the newly formed camera club.
   Under the trophies are crossed hockey sticks representing our success at girl’s sports day.
   The ROTC emblem signifies first place in the government inspection. The insignia above it stands for Ronnie Belzer, cadet colonel.
   The track shoe represents Southeast placing fifth in the state track meet.
   The crossed gavels at the bottom of the shield signify the new form of student government with two representatives.
The Shield of the Class of 1954
In 2004 our shield was still hanging in the Southeast auditorium.
When Southeast  High School was disbanded
 all the class shields were removed and put in storage.
Annual Poster Contest
Is "A Howling Success"
   A "Howling Success" was the title of the poster which won first prize in the annual Knightlites poster contest, December 3. The poster by Lois Garner showed a cat sitting on the fence howling. It was done in three dimensions.
   Second prize went to Maren Benjamin whose poster portrayed Southeast clowns.
   Bob Sundquist's poster, "The Joint Will be Jumping," received third prize.
   There was a tie for the fourth place. "Get in the Spirit," by Shannon Jones and "You Otter See," by Richard Tubesing shared the honors.
   Those who received honorable mention were: Saundra Bryan, Donna Carlson, Suzan Chaffee, Norma Enminger, Cheryl Frazee, Rockne Krebs, Carol Means, Curry Miles, Barbara Mills, David Ritsch, and Steve Untrif.
   Nine teachers judged the contest including Miss McIntyre from the downtown art office.
Scholastic Magazine
Awards to Be Given
Art Students
   Diligent work has finally paid off for many students in the art department under the capable direction of Miss Abbott. They participated in the Scholastic art contest sponsored by scholastic magazine. The regional contest, which includes the western half of Missouri and the eastern half of Kansas, closed February 12. The work was judged at Emery Bird Thayer the following week.
   Those who won gold keys from Southeast are: Suzan Chaffee, oil; Lois Garner, portfolio and cartoon; Shannon Jones, strip cartoon and watercolor; Barbara Martin, char-coal portrait; Charles McGehee, two photographs; Curry Miles, poster and charcoal portrait; Ronald Pine, ceramics; and Darlene Stanley, design.
   The art work will be judged in the national contest at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
   Those receiving merit certificates are: Bob Baker, George Bannister, Lois Garner, Herbert Hoff, Shannon Jones (two), Jim Linck, Betty Macy, Barbara Martin (four), Charles McGehee (five), Joe McKinley (two), Curry Miles, Kent Quick, Dotty Robertson, Betty Schick, Jean Stafford, Pat Von Demfange, and Tony Wall.
   Presentation of the awards was made Thursday, March 4, at Akins auditorium in the Nelson Gallery of Art
Y-Teen  Officers
   Y-Teen officers for the next semester are: Carol Von Demfange, president; Lois Garner, secretary; Pat Corder, treasurer; Betty Wilson, publicity chairman; and Toni Budd and Marcia Frazee, inter-club representatives.
Lois Garner's Cartoons
In National Art Exhibit
  Lois Garner's art entry in the Scholastic art contest placed on display in the National High School Art Exhibit, May 8 through 31. The exhibit was held at Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  More than 165,000 entries were entered in regional contests throughout the country. Of these entries, 32,000 were awarded gold achievement keys. Those receiving the gold keys were forwarded to Pittsburgh, where they were judged. At the completion of the judging, 1,472 pieces of outstanding art work were selected to be put on national display.
Art Contest Winners
National Art Honor Society
Selects 38 Members for '54

   Membership in this honor society has to be re-earned each year. Members for 1954 are: Pat Adamson, Donald Ames, Maren Benjamin, Barbara Boley, Dan Boswell, Rosemary Bowles, Donna Carlson, Suzan Chaffee, Patsy Conner, Judi Evans, Lois Garner, Mary Glinn, Patty Goldberg, Betty Greer, Nancy Hamilton, Shannon Jones, Rockne Krebs, Charles McGehee, Dianne Maple, Barbara Martin, Carol Means, Curry Miles, Ronald Pine, Karl Quick, Dotty Robinson, Betty Schick, Cecelia Spann, Jean Stafford, Darlene Stanley, Yvonne Straisinger, Yvonne Strode, Bob Sundquist, Richard Tubesing, Betty Wilson.
   Judges were: Miss Rosemary Beymer, art director for the Kansas City public schools; Miss Agnes Crawford, art teacher at East high school; Miss Mabel Newitt, art teacher at Northeast; and Mrs. Jerry Mannings, former art teacher at the Nelson Gallery of Art and Southeast.
   43 candidates displayed work and 35 students were accepted for membership.
Lois Garner Receives Third
Place Honor in Art Contest
   Lois Garner, a senior, won third place in the annual art contest sponsored by the Missouri Federation of Women's Clubs. The work was done in oil, water color, or pastel, portraying American life.
   The contest was open to seniors only who entered three pictures each.
   A tea at the Kansas City Athenaeum, March 6, displayed the art work.
Hill to Head Crusader;
Eckstein, Eichman Aids
   At the beginning of the new school year our Crusader Staff promptly began work. Mr. Tira supervisor, chose the staff: Danny Hill, editor, Louis Eckstein and Don Eichman, assistant co-editors; Mary Louise Erickson, secretary and business manager; Ann Atchinson, literary editor; Lois Garner and Darlene Stanley, art editors; Oletha Ludwig, senior editor; Leann Riggs, junior editor; Shirley Fenton, sophomore editor; Carol Gain, freshman editor, Jane Seitz, eight grade editor; Carol Hamarstrom, clubs and activities; Phyllis Graf, athletics. With this staff, we can be looking forward to an outstanding Crusader in '54.
Chit Chat
   Several of the senior gals recently got together for a pot-luck supper at Donna Hargis'. Some of the kids devouring the food were; Judy Dice, Lois Garner, Carolyn Needles, Marcia Frazee, Saundra Bryan, and Mary Hammond.
All of these articles came from issues
of the Tower published our senior year.
The Years After High School
Lois and Joe Hightower
with Mom and Dad Garner
Lois at the 1984 Reunion
More reunion snapshots
Lois & Joe's three children.
Andrea - Marise - Russ
This photo was labeled - Family Stuff!
1994 Reunion photos
1994 - Lois and Sandy Steele Jones
50 Years later
Lois at the 2009 50th Southeast Reunion
1954 2004
The 2006 Birthday Cruise
Where Southeast Knights and Ladies celebrated their 70th Birthdays
See the entire Birthday Cruise multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
 Betty (Moehle) Dewitt, Carolyn (Needles) Copeland Lois enjoying the cruise Carolyn, Sandy (Steele) Jones, Lois,  Donna (Hargis) Kissinger.
Shutterbug Lois "Pathfinder Lois" helping the girls decide
And doing a great job at it!  where to go in Key West.
Lois being her reserved self Having fun Bev and Shannon Jones, Lois,
at the Birthday Party Bash. Carol (VonDemfange) McNabney,
  and Judy Lemay.
A Special Ceremony
Prior to the cruise Lois suggested we should do something special  to make the classmate's spouses feel welcome and a part of the group.
It was decided to have Lois, assisted by Donna (Hargis) Kissinger, "knight" all the spouses and proclaim them official Knights and Ladies of the Southeast Castle and the Class of 1954.
Each spouse was given a personalized scroll proclaiming their new status.  The proclamation was written in old English typeface.
That is what you see in the photos below.
Lois knighting Gaylord Tefft - Carol Dietz's husband
 and  Rod Hoffman -  Shirley Ducate's husband..
A very special conclusion to the ceremony
Norman Nester went to grade school with many of us and attended Southeast up to and including his junior year but graduated from another high school.
It was decided he should be recognized by proclamation as an "official" member of the graduation Class of 1954.
The photo above shows Lois reading the proclamation to Norman.
Betty (Moehle) DeWitt, Shirley (Peterman) Wheatley,
 Mary (Hammond) Eberhardt, Lois, and Carol (Dietz) Tefft
Bev Jones and Lois on a windy deck.  Carolyn (Needels) Copeland and Lois
The 55th Southeast Reunion - 2009
See the entire 55th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
Lois created this poster for the Reunion Luncheon at Cinzetti's Italian Restaurant
Lois came for the last day of the reunion in Branson
Lois with Carol, Sandy (Steele) Jones,  Betty (Wilson) Dod,
and Kay Harkins Gangel
Lois with Mary (Hammond) Eberhardt, Carolyn (Needels) Copeland,
 Donna (Hargis) Kissenger and her Pershing grade school chums
Lois at breakfast with Bev (Reynolds) Yonts, Sandy (Steele) Jones
 Taking the Do-Wop Quiz with Donna (Hargis) Kissinger.
The 60th Southeast Reunion - 2014
See the entire 60th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
This is the sign Lois made for the
 check in desk at the 2014 Reunion Picnic
Helping Betty (Richardson) Scammahorn
get everything ready for the arriving classmates
 Lois having a laugh with Carolyn (Needels) Copeland.
Good food and lots of chatting with old friends.
Going on tour of old haunts with classmates
Toni Hampton and Lois and  Lois and Carol (Hamarstrom) Jackson
 looking in the windows at our old high school, Southeast.
Once inside the halls of Southeast high Lois and Shannon are photographed together.
On the steps Lois and Shannon strike the same pose they did in 1954 and 2004
Lois with some of the Class of 1954
Lois, assisted by Don Kraft, explained the meaning of the symbols
  on the Class of 1954 Shield At the reunion dinner.
Assisted by Shirley (Fenton) Marley, Lois read the names of classmates who have passed on since we graduated in 1954.
  It was a long list.
Lois with her Blenheim grade school friends
Lois went to two grades schools before attending Southeast
-- so she posed for photos with each group.
Lois with her Pershing grade school chums
Lois frequently attends
the weekly Southeast lunches
Here are just some of the photos taken over the last several years.
Lois and Beth (Fowler) Hite entering IHop for a good meal with friends.
Lovely Lois and scary Lois.  I guess you never know which Lois will show up.
Sandy (Steele) Jones, Lois, Gene Hampton and Don Kraft
Lois with Carolyn (Stewart) Ready,
Shirley (Fenton) Marley, Beth (Fowler) Hite and Kay (Hawkins) Gangel
Lois, Betty (Wilson) Dod and Pat (Corder) Valleau
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