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Mabel has shared a lot of photographic memories with us.
6th Grade - Mark Twain School
Mabel, Shirley Scherrer
 and JoAnn Buck
Signing yearbooks
Mabel and Mona Halliburton
Gamma Sigma Installation
Southeast Water Nymphs
Jo Ann Fish, Claudia Horn, Mary Louise Erickson, Oletha Ludwig, Glenna Ellis
Mabel Greenlee, Shirley Ducate, Betty Ulrich, Dianne Maple, Darlene Stanley, Carol Gain, Lois Barker, and Mary Blackburn.
Chit Chat
   The senior girls had a chili supper before our Westport game, October 24, at Carolyn Stewart's house. A few of the gals seen there were: Shirley Fenton, Nancy Tolen, Roberta Pilant, Barbara Blattman, Doris Wadsworth, Mabel Greenlee and naturally Carolyn.
   Some senior gals really had a swell picnic. After stuffing themselves they all went down to the memorial fountain on Meyer, took off their shoes and went wading. Oletha Ludwig and Shirley Ducate were the victims of foul play. Seems someone shoved them in much to the hilarity of: Dianne Maple, Mabel Greenlee, Leann Riggs, and Barbara Fuller.
Favorite By-Words
Shirley Fenton ─ "Peachy Keen."
Ronnie Doyle ─ "Don't know do ya?"
Mabel Greenlee ─ "Think about it."
Betty Ulrich ─ "Hello ... out there."
Willa Thelan ─ "Loooooooook out!"
Deanna Smithmier ─ "I woudn't do it."
Luann Mitchell ─ "Kill it."
Claudia Horn ─ "Bless you. Bless you."
Edell Schaefer ─ "A Trojan!"
All of these articles came from issues
of the Tower published our senior year.
Lyle and Mabel (Greenlee) Phillips
In 2004 Mabel shared these comments with us
I married Lyle Phillips Dec 1955.  We lost our first home in the Ruskin Heights tornado.
We have two daughters, Terri and Debra.  One granddaughter, 12 years old and one step-grandson aged 23.
We live at Weatherby Lake (north of K.C.).  We are both active in our community.  I have served on the Board of Zoning Adjustments for 12 years, ran the mayor campaign and he won, active in the Garden Club, Sailing Club and volunteering where needed.
I belong to the Kansas City Symphony Guild, The Platte County Eleemosynary Society, a member of the Platte Woods Methodist Church and a Sunday School Class, Vice President of the WOW Investment Club, President of the BIG Investment Club.
My activities include: Playing golf with a women’s group and a couples group. Snow skiing in Colorado, biking and walking.  In the past, sailboat racing and repairing sails, traveling.
Taxi Service Bangkok Style - 1993
Mabel and a friend
Lyle and Mabel traveling.
Lyle with sexton
Mabel sailing "Dusty" - 1982 ...
... and in 1986.
Mabel marries Lyle Phillips
Family - 2002
Mabel's oldest Daughter Terri
with her daughters - Debra & Bridget.
(Isn't she the spitting image of Mabel?)
A Skiing Family!
Grandma Mabel helping 3 year old Bridget bake a cake for her mom.
Grandma said Bridget "had to try it out!"
Lyle and Mabel 40 years later.
Her youngest daughter Debra

with her husband and step-son

(She too looks just like her mother!)
This is only photo we have of Mabel and Lyle since 2004
It was taken at First Watch when they attended a Southeast  luncheon hosted by Dave Morton.
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