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When Mona sent us photographs of her life she divided the pictures into five separate periods.
We will do the same for her presentation.
The Early Years
Age 3
Mona age 4 & Arizona Indian Girl
In costume for "The Old Maids" Pasadena Playhouse - California
Mona as a student of the Shirley Temple School of Dance - 1940
Age 12
High School Years and off to College
Phyllis Graf and Mona - 1950
Eta Theta pledge class - 1951
Leaving on a two-week missionary educational tour - 1951
 (KC Star Photo)
With Barb Fuller at a sorority party
Signing yearbooks with Mabel Greenlee Mona starts college - 1956
College Scholarships
Awarded Graduates
   Seniors this year have been awarded many college scholarships. Most of these awards can be renewed from year to year if high scholarship is maintained.
   Ann Atchinson and Paul Hocott received scholarships for one year by curators awards. Ann was also awarded a $400 Mnookin-Brown scholarship for the college of her choice
   The Victor Wilson scholarship to KCU was given to Roger Barnes.
   Ronnie Belzer has been awarded the Lieberman Scholarship to Junior College.
   A Baylor University honor scholarship was received by Elizabeth Crosby.
   Louis Eckstein received the Harding College freshman scholarship.
   John Griffith and Gary Walton both received valuable Navy ROTC awards, good for five years.
   Mona Halliburton was awarded the Missouri Valley Honor Scholarship for one year.
   David Morton received two scholarships good for one year each. The William Jewell and Sears Roebuck and Co. scholarships were awarded him.
   Central Missouri state college scholarships were received by Carolyn Needles and Carol Von Demfange.
   Darlene Stanley was given a Baker University achievement scholarship for one year.
   Joleen Watts received the Margaret Kemp Memorial Award for one year.
Chit Chat
   The Beta dance and banquet at the YMCA was a big success. Those seen dancing to the music were: Shirley Fenton and Tom Cowling, Sue Davidson and Bob Hillis, Ann Atchinson and Bob Hodges, Carol Means and Jim Bloss, Phyllis Graf and Randall Smithmier, Mona Halliburton and Earl Crawford, Barbara Brackney and Lynn Alexander, and Beth Fowler and Shannon Jones.
All of these articles came from issues
of the Tower published our senior year.
After Polio 1956 - 1972
Trying On Her New Sorority Pin before a special initiation ceremony at St. Luke's hospital last night was Miss Mona Halliburton, a polio patient since September. Officers of Beta Omicron chapter of Alpha Xi Delta sorority at Missouri Valley college, Marshall, Mo., obtained special permission to hold the ceremony before Miss Halliburton's pledgeship runs out February 23, a year from when she was pledged. The offices are (left to right) Jan Anderson, Buckner; Nancy Bradshaw, Independence; Kay Reed, Marshall; Miss Halliburton; Virginia Renne, Kansas City; Carol Stopp, St. Louis, and Marianne Hubell, St. Louis.
Mona studying - 1963
Reading to Jane's son.
 Mon vising with
 Jane (Seitz) Staff and family.
Transportation - 1960 - 1985
Miss Mona Halliburton, who lost the use of leg and arm muscles through polio four years ago, paints flowers on a tray by utilizing a few shoulder muscles. Metal "feeders" support her arms.
On My Own Years 1973 - 1986
My "Hippie" Days
at the Agape Community - 1978
I designed this banner for friends to carry in a parade in support of Israel.
Dressed as a sunflower for
a 5-year old Sunday School Class
at Agape Fellowship
Going out - 1982
On vacation with my brother Dick
Baby watching for fellowship group.
Attending a friend's wedding in my new electric wheel chair - 1981
After Marriage
Mona and Mark Randolph
Mona at the 2004 Reunion
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