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Oh, Kay ...
... how you use them there eyes!
Grade School and High School Friends
Shirley Fenton and Kay J.J. Pershing 7th Grade Class
Just Having Fun!
Southeast Ladies on the steps
of the Swope Park Memorial
Slumber Party Headquarters
Knightlites ...
Once in Love with Amy That Old Soft Shoe
... and Senior Day
   "Let's go to the game tonight and show the Indians what we think of them," say our cheerleaders, Dave Hudson, Dick Shinkle, Joe Wilkerson, Shirley Fenton, Betty Ulrich and Kay Harkins.
Beginners Luck Is
Recalled by Teens
   Curiosity finally got the best of this Tower reporter and a few of the Knights and Ladies of this Castle were asked the question:
   "What I remember about my first date." The following statements are the facts─and just the facts!!
● Eddie Steiner ─ "It was kinda dull!!"
● Eleanor Nelson ─ "I had to walk!"
● Tom Creel ─ "She wasn't very cute and I didn't have a very good time!"
 Barbara Pierce ─ "I had to pay my own carfare."
● Luann Mitchell ─ "My feet hurt."
● Louis Eckstein ─ "I had a wonderful time."
● Betty Nelson ─ "I wore my first pair of nylons!!"
● Kay Harkins ─ "I couldn't remember my date's last name so I could introduce him to my parents."
● Carol Hamarstrom ─ "Wow!"
● Carol Means ─ "It wasn't very exciting."
● Joann Fish ─ "I went to the show with his folks.
Knightlites and Assembly
Acts Entertain Centralites
In An Exchange Program
  Southeast talent had the privilege of entertaining Central students in an exchange assembly, Tuesday April 20.
   Kay Harkins did a delightful little dance while Eddie Steiner sang "Once in Love with Amy."
   A duo sailor dance was tapped by Sandy McKenzie and Jo Fenton.
   Florence Newsom and Edell Schaefer did a comic ballet skit.
  All of the Central students were shivering while Yvonne Strode did her acrobatic dance.
   That "cool cat" Harry Synder did a "real gone job" of telling Goldilocks and the three bears.
   Clark Smith silenced the audience while he sang "Ebb Tide."
   Shirley Fenton outdid herself with a real fast "fast tap" number.
   Don Teeters led Shannon Jones, Ralph Mills, Gary Miller, and Dave Crowley in the comic version of "C'est si Bon."
   To add to the ever popular boogie woogie of Joe Kresse and the piano.
   Sylvia Flannery sweetly sang "Kiss me again."
   Sue Harris played the piano while Gayle Moore did a beautiful toe dance.
   Following a serious reading by Dave Morton and closing the assembly was "The Lord's Prayer" sung by Danny Raymond.
Southeast Ladies Score
Two Victories at Central
   Southeast’s girls hockey team, urged on by a large cheering section, won two games at the all-city hockey sportsday, Saturday, October 31.  East was defeated 1 to 0 and Manual 4 to 0 in games played at Central high school.
   The first half of the East game moved at a rapid pace with Southeast on the defensive most of the time.  During the second half the Ladies, led by Barbara Blattman and Betty Ulrich, pushed across the only goal of the game.
   Southeast started off with a rush against Manual and scored soon after the opening whistle. Betty Greer and Betty Ulrich were the big guns in the attack, each scoring two goals.
   The defensive play of the team was excellent and the girls were congratulated by the officials on their fine sportsmanship.
   Southeast’s players were:  Barbara Blattman, Kay Harkins, Betty Ulrich, Betty Greer, Edell Schaefer, Peggy Bedell, Nancy Cooper, Carol Dietz, forwards; Barbara Boley, Barbara Brackney, Sandy Brown, Shirley Macy, halfbacks; Delores Hanna, Margaret Jones, Shirley Smith, full-backs; Donna Kozak, Goal-keeper; Louise Riggs, score-keeper.
   The girls do not play for a championship, but for the sport.
Senior Advertisements
 Lost and Found ─
● Wad of slightly used bubble gum. For information, stick to Dixie Vaughn.
● One boy believed to be in the vicinity of Rolla School of Mines. For information, see Shirley Fenton. Reward.
Wanted ─
● Key to fit any '53 hard top Olds convertible. See Claudia Horn. No questions asked.
Two one way tickets to Fort Riley. See Kay Harkins and Luann Mitchell for further information.
● One large farm suitable to raising pigs. See Pat Bixman ─ Urgent!
● A personal interview with Marilyn Monroe. Call for any (all if possible) senior boy.
● One expert bird caller for "Tweedie." For information call bird lover Betty Ulrich.
For Sale ─
● One slightly used football team, sell cheap. Apply Northeast High School.
● Please!! Five female members of the Tower staff. Reasonable. Call Eddie Steiner as soon as possible.
Personals ─  
● Shadowing. If in doubt, we find out. Dial Fact Finding Fuller.
● Date? DE 1592. C.U. Usual time. Bring money. G.R.P.
● Not responsible for debts other than my own. Shirley Ducate.
● Not responsible for debts other than my own. Sharon Ducate.
In The Spotlight
     Into the spotlight this week steps peppy Kay Harkins.  Kay is well-known to all as a girl with a smile and a friendly “Hello” for everyone.
   Kay’s pep and vitality is familiar to all of us as she is one of our cheerleaders this year.  She has participated in the various sports days and claims sports as one of her main interests.
   One of Kay’s many achievements in her senior year is being elected editor of the Tower.  She is also secretary of the Round Table for first semester.
   She is an active member of Penthouse and has participated in speech assemblies and numerous plays.  She has also participated in Knightlites five years and Induction two years.
   During Kay’s junior year she was elected president of the Junior Red Cross.  Last summer she was Jackson County’s representative to the National Junior Red Cross convention held in Washington, D.C.
   Kay hopes to continue in social work in later life.  With her wining personality we know she will succeed.
Girls Intramural Program
Presents Athletic Awards
   A great deal of work and clean fun has been well worth its time for our ladies at Southeast.
   This year approximately 70 athletic awards were given to girls from the 8th grade to senior classes.
   Those receiving letters were Barbara Blattman, Barbara Brackney, Carol Dietz, Betty Greer, and Barbara Harris. These girls were required to participate in 4 team sports and 2 individual sports and 4 service credits, obtained through participating in Sportsdays, managing or refereeing.
   Shirley Smith and Kay Harkins received their gold pin. The requirements for the gold pin are the same as for the letters.
Pet Peeves
   When asked about their "pet peeves." some of our prominent knights and ladies had these com-plaints.
   Dave Morton─"Every night be-fore I go to bed I drink cocoa, and can't stand it if it is lukewarm."
   Betty Ulrich─"People who lack school spirit and don't cheer at the games."
   Dick Linck─"the girls in the last lunch period."
   Edell Schaefer─"Party poopers."
   Mr. Hanan─"More dogs wander into my classes than any other room in school."
   Dar Wharton─"Boys."
   Joe Wilkerson─doesn't have a pet peeve. He says he's "too loving and agreeable."
   Kay Hawkins─"Tower reporters who spell my name wrong."
   Mr. Chamblee─"Any boy who misses a tackle."
   Louis Eckstein─"Somebody who calls me on the telephone when I'm listening to the Sunday afternoon concert."
   Mr. Powell─"Any student who, in beautiful fall weather, manages to be late to school every day."
Tower Selects Staff
Kay Hawkins Chosen To Lead
Southeast's Newspaper Staff
   Another school year has rolled around and many new faces are being seen on the campus. No one has noticed these newcomers more than the members of the Tower staff. Kay Harkins, being editor-in-chief, is largely responsible for the making of your newspaper. She assigns stories to the reporters and helps edit them for mistakes.
Note Spelling of "Editor-in-chief's"
name in the title of this article!
   Miss Canham has chosen 12 girls to represent Southeast at the 1954 Volleyball Sportsday which will be held at Manual high school this Saturday.
   The girls who will participate are:  Betty Ulrich, Margaret Jones, Donna Kozak, Barbara Blattman, Carol Dietz, Oletha Ludwig, Betty Greer, Luann Mitchell, Barbara Boley, Sandy Brown, Shirley Smith and Kay Harkins.  Barbara Harris will participate as scorekeeper and Louise Riggs will assist the linesman.
   The girls will play two 15 minute quarter games.  The schedule of the games will be announced at 8:20 that Saturday in the auditorium where the girls are to meet.  The games will start at 8:30.
   A luncheon will be served at 12:00 for all Sportsday participants and parents wishing to attend.
   All of Southeast students are invited to attend this Sportsday and cheer our girls on to victory.  All parents are also welcome to come.  This will be a good opportunity to see our Southeast girls display their skill and highly rated sportsmanship.
Chit Chat
   Gather 'round gang, this will have you in stitches.  The senior girls are starting a sewing circle.  The first session was held at Kay Harkin's house.  Lots of luck gals, you'll need it.
   The Christmas holidays will be extra happy for Kay Harkins, Mary Lou Alexander, Luann Mitchell, Shirley Fenton, Dixie Leone, and Carol Hamarstrom.  Looks like Santa is bringing Sonny, George, Bob, Tom, Conrad, and Raymond back home.
   Here's wishing all you crazy Knights and Ladies a "Cool Yule? and a "Frantic First."
All of these articles came from issues
of the Tower published our senior ye
Kay and Carl "Sonny" Gangel
Kay and Sonny get married.
The Gangel Family Grows
The first baptism.
Carl and Kay at Carrie's wedding.
Guess who taught Chris to dance?
NAU Parent's weekend.
The Gangel Girls
Family Complete.
Tina and Kay - 1988
Christmas Smiles
Pete's wedding.
Family Reunion - 1999
Family Reunion - 2000
The Gangel Family Grows ... and Grows!
Kay at the 2004 Reunion
Kay and Louis Eckstein
The 2006 Birthday Cruise
Where Southeast Knights and Ladies celebrated their 70th Birthdays
See the entire Birthday Cruise multimedia presentation
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Kay and Glenna (Ellis) Marshall during the life vest safety drill
Kay going on tour at various ports
Kay in Key West and Belize ...
... and having lunch with old friends in Cozumel
Kay at the Birthday Party bash with Clark and Sally Smith and Ellen Poteet ...
... and Shirley (Richarson) Scammahorn and Shirley (Peterman) Wheatley
Kay and the gals at the last day Cocktail Party
Kay, Glenna (Ellis) Marshall and Barb (Fuller) Comer
Shirley (Peterman) Wheatley, Sandy (Steele) Jones, Glenna (Ellis) Marshall  Kay and Ramah (Edwards) Rembold,
Phase ONE - The Luncheon in Kansas City
The 55th Southeast Reunion - 2009
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Kay and her life-long friend Shirley (Fenton) Marley
Betty (Ulrich) Thiel, Kay, Betty (Wilson) Dod and Shirley (Peterman) Wheatley
Phase TWO - In Branson, Missouri
The 55th Southeast Reunion - 2009
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Kay and Lois (Garner) Hightower
Entering Montana Mike's Steak House and on the Branson Belle Showboat
Carol (Hamarstrom) Jackson, Dean and Betty (Moehle) DeWitt
 and waiting for the show to begin with Shirley (Peterman) Wheatley
Mary (Hammond) Eberhardt, Carol (Dietz) Tefft, Sandy (Steele) Jones, Lois (Garner) Hightower, Betty (Wilson) Dod, Carolyn (Needels) Copeland, Donna (Hargis) Kissinger and Kay
The 60th Southeast Reunion - 2014
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Kay at the reunion dinner with Ramah (Edwards) Rembold and Georgia Mattenlee
Kay posing with her Pershing classmates at the reunion dinner
Kay regularly attends the weekly
Southeast lunches
Kay with Pat (Corder) Valleau and Betty (Moehle) DeWitt
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