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Here are a few memories from Claudia's high school days.
Ahhh -- The Good ol' Days
Claudia's Birthday Bash
Don Eichman and Claudia
Gals of the Eta Theta Nu
Claudia as a contestant in the Miss Prom contest
Girls to Be in American Royal
   Sharon and Shirley Ducate, Phyllis Graf, Claudia Horn, and Kay Lockwood brought an honor to Southeast by being chosen to participate in the American Royal Coronation Ball, October 16.
   Several of the girls will participate in the two dance numbers and the others will be pages to the queen.
   From 147 girls, the five judges chose sixty. The girls wore shorts and blouses. They were judged on dancing ability, poise, and beauty.
Wouldn't It Be Funny?
● Claudia Horn were a drum instead of a Horn.
● Bill were a weekly instead of a Daily.
● Janice were a room instead of a Hall.
● Dick were a chain instead of a Linck.
● Sandy were a yardstick instead of a Ruhl.
● Roger were a butcher instead of a Taylor.
● Nancy were a joy instead of a Payne.
● Danny were a mountain instead of a Hill.
● Carol were a loss instead of a Gain.
● Bob were a waiter instead of a Butler.
● Janet were a Cadillac instead of a Hudson.
● Jo Ann were a bird instead of a Fish.
Chit Chat
   Seen swirling and twirling at the Prom last Saturday were: Barb Brackney and Lynn Alexander, Darlene Scott and Don Teeters, Sandy Ruhl and Jim Colwell, Betty Nelson and Gary Walton, Peggy Dorsey and Bob Jones, Claudia Horn and Don Miller, and Mona Halliburton and Earl Crawford.
   The Kenny White Band played for a "Backward" dance at Garret Hall. It seems that the girls took the boys and made them corsages out of vegetables! Some of the guys and gals there were: Betty Huska and Dick Kirwan, Shirley Ducate and Dave Hudson, "Louie" Erickson and Gary Barnard (Paseo), Barbara Pierce and Darrell Koll, Yvonne Strode and Jimmy Nye, and Claudia Horn and Don Miller.
   Mary Lou Alexander, Oletha Ludwig, Louie Erickson, Claudia Horn, Leann Riggs were some of the girls I saw eating and talking (of course) at a birthday party. In case you're wondering, it was Carol Hamarstrom's 18th birthday.
Senior Advertisements
Lost and Found ─
● Wad of slightly used bubble gum. For information, stick to Dixie Vaughn.
● One boy believed to be in the vicinity of Rolla School of Mines. For information, see Shirley Fenton. Reward.
Wanted ─
● Key to fit any '53 hard top Olds convertible. See Claudia Horn. No questions asked.
 ● Two one way tickets to Fort Riley. See Kay Harkin and Luann Mitchell for further information.
● One large farm suitable to raising pigs. See Pat Bixman ─ Urgent!
● A personal interview with Marilyn Monroe. Call for any (all if possible) senior boy.
● One expert bird caller for "Tweedie." For information call bird lover Betty Ulrich.
For Sale ─
● One slightly used football team, sell cheap. Apply Northeast High School.
● Please!! Five female members of the Tower staff. Reasonable. Call Eddie Steiner as soon as possible.
Personals ─  
● Shadowing. If in doubt, we find out. Dial Fact Finding Fuller.
● Date? DE 1592. C.U. Usual time. Bring money. G.R.P.
● Not responsible for debts other than my own. Shirley Ducate.
● Not responsible for debts other than my own. Sharon Ducate.
Favorite By-Words
Shirley Fenton ─ "Peachy Keen."
Ronnie Doyle ─ "Don't know do ya?"
Mabel Greenlee ─ "Think about it."
Betty Ulrich ─ "Hello ... out there."
Willa Thelan ─ "Loooooooook out!"
Deanna Smithmier ─ "I woudn't do it."
Luann Mitchell ─ "Kill it."
Edell Schaefer ─ "A Trojan!"
Chit Chat
   A real cool senior hen party was held at Claudia Horn's house the other evening. Some of the senior girls seen ─ rather heard ─ were: Liz Crosby, Cecelia Spann, JoAnn Fish, Barb Fuller, Shirley Scherrer, and the Ducates.
All of these articles came from issues
of the Tower published our senior year.
Claudia at the 2004 Reunion
Claudia and Jerry Campbell
Gone too soon.
Passed away on August 24, 2015
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