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In 2004 Lee was one of the first to send us photographs.
Several were used throughout this presentation.
Here are scenes from her life.
Lee - 1938
Lee with Andrea and John - 1966
Family - 1984
Lee and Secretariat -1976
Knightlites Production Number
Andrea - John - Lee 1972
Andrea - Lee - John - Gary 1973
Lee 1982
About Secretariat
I have to tell you a little story about the Secretariat picture.
We went to Kentucky with a Kentucky Senator for a weekend and were near Calumet Farms where Secretariat had been just put for studding. 
The Senator took us there and they brought Secretariat out into the paddock.  Immediately in the paddock he began doing what he was supposed to do -- as if he was showing off for us.
An email from Lee to Shannon Jones - June 2003
November 1974
Lee and husband Gary Hart
The new Senator from Colorado.
5-Day Campaign - 1984
Kentucky Derby - 1985
On a plane to Russia - 1975
With Grandbaby Tatum - 2000
High School Memories
All City Student Council
Chooses New Officers
  The All City student council has elected officers for this semester. One of Southeast's outstanding senior girls, Oletha Ludwig, was elected vice-president of the council.
   Other officers elected were: Fred Paulson (Paseo), president; and Christine Ruff (Westport), secretary.
  The All City student council can be compared to our Round Table. Representatives from the different high schools take their school problems and discussions to the All City student council just as our homeroom discussions to Round Table meetings.
   Two important issues being discussed in the All City student council at the present are an all city dance and a code of ethics.
Glenna Ellis, Don Eichman Chosen
As Senior Class Leaders for 1954
   At the beginning of the new school year our Crusader Staff promptly began work. Mr. Tira supervisor, chose the staff: Danny Hill, editor, Louis Eckstein and Don Eichman, assistant co-editors; Mary Louise Erickson, secretary and business manager; Ann Atchinson, literary editor; Lois Garner and Darlene Stanley, art editors; Oletha Ludwig, senior editor; Leann Riggs, junior editor; Shirley Fenton, sophomore editor; Carol Gain, freshman editor, Jane Seitz, eight grade editor; Carol Hamarstrom, clubs and activities; Phyllis Graf, athletics. With this staff, we can be looking forward to an outstanding Crusader in '54.
Six New Girls Selected
For Southeast A.A.U.W.
   The A.A.U.W. girls here at Southeast have taken in six new members, bringing the total membership up to eleven. They are Elizabeth Crosby, and Joleen Watts, seniors; Betty Hailey, a junior; and Marnell Higley, Patsy Thomas and Joan Klamm, sophomores. The other members are Ann Atchinson, Eleanor Kerr, Oletha Ludwig, seniors, and Barbara Brackney, Peggy Dorsey, juniors. The girls are sponsored by Mrs. Harry Brinton.
   A.A.U.W., which is an abbreviation for American Association of University Women, is composed of Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors showing superior scholastic ability.
Southeast Beta Club Chooses
Capable Leaders as Officers
   First semester offices for the Beta Club, elected at the end of last year, took over their duties at the first meeting September 24. The officers are Louis Eckstein, president; Oletha Ludwig, vice-president; Jo Ann Fish, recording secretary; Yvonne L'Hommedieu, corresponding secretary; Ronnie Hildebrand, treasurer; Danny Hill, sergeant-at-arms; Lois Garner and Darlene Stanley, keeper-of-the archives; and Liz Crosby, Tower reporter.
   It was announced that Oletha Ludwig had been chosen to replace Mary Ann Cooper as president of the Missouri-Oklahoma Beta Convention.
Chit Chat
   A bridal shower, given for Glenna Ellis, was enjoyed by many of the senior girls. Liz Crosby, Leann Riggs, Oletha Ludwig, Pat Bixman, and many, many others had a swell time.
  Mary Lou Alexander, Louie Erick-son, Claudia Horn, Leann Riggs were some of the girls I saw eating and talking (of course) at a birthday party. In case you're wondering, it was Carol Hamarstrom's 18th birthday.
In The Spotlight
   This week the spotlight glows brilliantly on Oletha Ludwig.  Oletha, a senior, through her pleasing personality and excellent leadership qualities, has gained many friends and responsibilities.
   Her scholastic standing has enabled her to be a member of A.A.U.W. and the Beta club.  She is vice-president of the Southeast Beta Club and president of the Oklahoma-Missouri Beta District.
   Oletha is treasurer of the senior class, has held the office of recording secretary of the Round Table, and was publicist of her junior class.
   While working on the Tower she obtained membership in Quill and Scroll.  This year she holds the position of senior page editor on the 1954 Crusader and is chairman of the restoration committee of the Pep Club.
   Oletha has also taken part in Knightlites, Red Cross, A Cappella Choir, and under class assemblies.
   Next year Oletha plans to go to college where she will continue to progress up the ladder of success.
Chit Chat
   Some senior gals really had a swell picnic. After stuffing themselves they all went down to the memorial fountain on Meyer, took off their shoes and went wading. Oletha Ludwig and Shirley Ducate were the victims of foul play. Seems someone shoved them in much to the hilarity of: Dianne Maple, Mabel Greenlee, Leann Riggs, and Barbara Fuller.
   Miss Canham has chosen 12 girls to represent Southeast at the 1954 Volleyball Sportsday which will be held at Manual high school this Saturday.
   The girls who will participate are:  Betty Ulrich, Margaret Jones, Donna Kozak, Barbara Blattman, Carol Dietz, Oletha Ludwig, Betty Greer, Luann Mitchell, Barbara Boley, Sandy Brown, Shirley Smith and Kay Harkins.  Barbara Harris will participate as scorekeeper and Louise Riggs will assist the linesman.
   The girls will play two 15 minute quarter games.  The schedule of the games will be announced at 8:20 that Saturday in the auditorium where the girls are to meet.  The games will start at 8:30.
   A luncheon will be served at 12:00 for all Sportsday participants and parents wishing to attend.
   All of Southeast students are invited to attend this Sportsday and cheer our girls on to victory.  All parents are also welcome to come.  This will be a good opportunity to see our Southeast girls display their skill and highly rated sportsmanship.
All of these articles came from issues
of the Tower published our senior year.
Images of Lee
Lee at the 2004 Reunion Southeast Tour
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