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Luann has a lot of photographs to share with you.
from ages 2 to 18 
Age 5 
Age 11
Luann and Jean Herdman
A happy graduate! 
Age 2 
Sophisticated Lady - Age 12
Luann with Mary Attebery
Luann and Glenna Ellis - 1951
Luann receiving her diploma 
from Mr. McMillan 
Pictures Our Mothers Never Saw
Scenes from a Southeast Party
Chit Chat
Luann Mitchell, Betty Ulrich, Doris Wadsworth, Barb Fuller and Mary Blackburn were a few of the senior gals havin' a good time at Carol Gain and Jo Ann Buck's hen party the other night.
   The Christmas holidays will be extra happy for Kay Harkins, Mary Lou Alexander, Luann Mitchell, Shirley Fenton, Dixie Leone, and Carol Hamarstrom.  Looks like Santa is bringing Sonny, Geroge, Bob, Tom, Conrad, and Raymond back home.
   Here's wishing all you crazy Knights and Ladies a "Cool Yule? and a "Frantic First."
   Carol VonDemfange had a birthday party to celebrate her 18th birthday. Some of the senior girls attending were Joleen Watts, Carolyn Stewart, Sandy Steele, Luann Mitchell and several others.
   In newswriting class Gloria Carter asked how to spell feminine. Luann Mitchell promptly answered g-i-r-l.
   Miss Canham has chosen 12 girls to represent Southeast at the 1954 Volleyball Sportsday which will be held at Manual high school this Saturday.
   The girls who will participate are: Betty Ulrich, Margaret Jones, Donna Kozak, Barbara Blattman, Carol Dietz, Oletha Ludwig, Betty Greer, Luann Mitchell, Barbara Boley, Sandy Brown, Shirley Smith and Kay Harkins.  Barbara Harris will participate as scorekeeper and Louise Riggs will assist the linesman.
   The girls will play two 15 minute quarter games.  The schedule of the games will be announced at 8:20 that Saturday in the auditorium where the girls are to meet.  The games will start at 8:30.
   A luncheon will be served at 12:00 for all Sportsday participants and parents wishing to attend.
   All of Southeast students are invited to attend this Sportsday and cheer our girls on to victory.  All parents are also welcome to come.  This will be a good opportunity to see our Southeast girls display their skill and highly rated sportsmanship.
Beginners Luck Is
Recalled by Teens
   Curiosity finally got the best of this Tower reporter and a few of the Knights and Ladies of this Castle were asked the question:
   "What I remember about my first date." The following statements are the facts─and just the facts!!
● Eddie Steiner ─ "It was kinda dull!!"
● Eleanor Nelson ─ "I had to walk!"
● Tom Creel ─ "She wasn't very cute and I didn't have a very good time!"
 Barbara Pierce ─ "I had to pay my own carfare."
● Luann Mitchell ─ "My feet hurt."
● Louis Eckstein ─ "I had a wonderful time."
● Betty Nelson ─ "I wore my first pair of nylons!!"
● Kay Harkins ─ "I couldn't remember my date's last name so I could introduce him to my parents."
● Carol Hamarstrom ─ "Wow!"
● Carol Means ─ "It wasn't very exciting."
● Joann Fish ─ "I went to the show with his folks.
Chit Chat
   Those senior gals are really mad over money.  Some of the kids that can be seen slaving away on Thursday nights and Saturdays are: Nancy Henry, Mary Lou Alexander, Mary Louise Erickson, and Barbara Fuller at Macy's, Dixie Leone, Doris Wadsworth at Klines and Luann Mitchell and Pat Bixman at Rothschilds.
   Luann Mitchell has a rather long face since Bob has gone into the Army.  Just a few months to wait Luann.
Favorite By-Words
Shirley Fenton ─ "Peachy Keen."
Ronnie Doyle ─ "Don't know do ya?"
Mabel Greenlee ─ "Think about it."
Betty Ulrich ─ "Hello ... out there."
Willa Thelan ─ "Loooooooook out!"
Deanna Smithmier ─ "I wouldn't do it."
Luann Mitchell ─ "Kill it."
Claudia Horn ─ "Bless you. Bless you."
Edell Schaefer ─ "A Trojan!"
Senior Advertisements
Lost and Found ─
● Wad of slightly used bubble gum. For information, stick to Dixie Vaughn.
● One boy believed to be in the vicinity of Rolla School of Mines. For information, see Shirley Fenton. Reward.
Wanted ─
● Key to fit any '53 hard top Olds convertible. See Claudia Horn. No questions asked.
● Two one way tickets to Fort Riley. See Kay Harkins and Luann Mitchell for further information.
● One large farm suitable to raising pigs. See Pat Bixman ─ Urgent!
● A personal interview with Marilyn Monroe. Call for any (all if possible) senior boy.
One expert bird caller for "Tweedie." For information call bird lover Betty Ulrich.
For Sale ─
● One slightly used football team, sell cheap. Apply Northeast High School.
● Please!! Five female members of the Tower staff. Reasonable. Call Eddie Steiner as soon as possible.
Personals ─
● Shadowing. If in doubt, we find out. Dial Fact Finding Fuller.
● Date? DE 1592. C.U. Usual time. Bring money. G.R.P.
● Not responsible for debts other than my own. Shirley Ducate
● Not responsible for debts other than my own. Sharon Ducate.
Chit Chat
   Luann Mitchell's birthday party almost wasn't.   Seems she made a mistake in her invitations.  Instead of putting in honor of Luann Mitchell, she put "Me."  Confusing??? I'll say.
   A swell formal dance at the Town House was enjoyed by Luann Mitchell and Bob Nelson, Shirley Scherrer and Jimmy Nye, Dar Stanley and Dick Shinkle, Bev Reynolds and Roger Taylor, and Betty Holt and Art Hutchinson.
All of these articles came from issues
of the Tower published our senior year.
The Nelson Gang - 2002
Here is Bob and Me and our kids.
 From left to right, youngest to oldest,  Jenna, Matt, Mitch, Christine, Mike, and Terri. 
Luann's 15 Grandchildren. (as of 2004)
Sophisticated Lady - Age 55 Luann and Robert Nelson
Luann at the 2004 Reunion
Luann and Glenna Ellis  
The 2006 Birthday Cruise
Where Southeast Knights and Ladies celebrated their 70th Birthdays
See the entire Birthday Cruise multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
Before boarding the Enchantment of the Sea
Luann, Bob, Bev and Shannon Jones
Luann with Bob and Donna (Hargis) Kissinger, Bev Jones, and Barb (Fuller) Comer
Bob and Luann, Carol (VonDefange) McNabney and her daughter Eugenia Bodnar
Luann and Bob riding the tender into Belize.
Luann and Bev exploring the Mayan ruins of Xunantunich.
Enjoying the sea breezes
Luann, Mary (Hammond) Eberhardt, Ramah (Edwards) Rembold and Shirley (Peterman) Wheatley
Ready to party!
Bob, Luann and Norman Nester
Carolyn (Needels) and Richard Copeland, Bev and Shannon Jones, Bob and Luann, Lois (Garner) Hightower, Carol (VonDemfange) McNabney, and Judy LeMay
One night during the cruise when the waiter asked Luann what she wanted for desert she answered ... "Nothing."
This is what the waiter brought her!
Shirley (Peterman) Wheatley,
Mary (Hammond) Eberhardt, Luann and Bob
Luann with Shannon Jones and Georgia and Doug Mattenlee
Luann Is a very reserved quiet lady in public --- as this photo demonstrates.
Phase ONE - The Luncheon in Kansas City
The 55th Southeast Reunion - 2009
See the entire 55th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
At the Cinzetti Luncheon
Luann an others organized a surprise program
Luann conspired with other classmates involved in organizing the reunion to turn the tables on Shannon.   He thought he was in charge of the 55th Reunion but they had a surprise for him at the kick-off luncheon!
Bev (Reynolds) Yonts had by far the best routine of the roast because there was enough truth in her comments to be funny.
She told everyone how talkative and long-winded Shannon is on the telephone.  She said she called Shannon to ask a question about the reunion.  Over an hour later after they both hung up -- she realized  he hadn't answered her question.
To prove her case she presented Shannon with a ten foot long roll of her long distance telephone changes.
Luann with her Knox grade school classmates
Gene Hampton, Jean (Stafford) Whitington, Luann, Sylvia (Flannery) Kelp, Jean Anne (Dawson) Williams, Jo Ann (Gattenby) Swearengin, Phyllis (Cline) Brewer, and Larry Thomas
Phase TWO - In Branson, Missouri
The 55th Southeast Reunion - 2009
See the entire 55th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
Some un-identified cowgirl sitting
 with Bob Nelson at Montana Mile's Steak House.
Luann made everyone one of these necklaces or pins.
Each Southeast Lady attending received a necklace.
Each Knight received a pin.
We ate at different places and saw several shows. 
 A great time was had by all!
Ready to see the Yakov Show --- Luann and Nannette (Preston) Hutton
Luann and Bob, Louis Scaccia and Bev (Reynolds) Yonts
The Reunion Banquet
Taking the Do-Wopp Quiz.  I think we have a winner!
Having the last breakfast with friends before starting home.
The 60th Southeast Reunion - 2014
See the entire 60th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
Shannon Jones, Bob, Luann and Bev Jones
After a 5-year absence -- hooking up with old friends at the picnic
Bev Jones, Luann, Gisela McGehee
Luann posing with her Knotts classmates at the reunion picnic
Clark Smith, Larry Thomas, Jerry Campbell, Luann, Jean (Stafford) Whittington, Sylvia (Flannery) Kelpe, Jean Anne (Dawson) Williams, Jerry Roberts, Norman Nester
Have camera, will travel --- to old haunts in Kansas City.
Luann talking with Toni Hampton who arranged the bus tour.
Toni Hampton, Luann, Clark Smith and Doug Mattenlee
Here's that reserved lady again on the Southeast high school stage.
Luann joining her classmates on the Southeast steps.
Bob and Luann at the Reunion Dinner
Luan with Marty Bruns who was  the Reunion Master of Ceremonies.
At the dinner Luann told her classmates about her prayer cloth mission.
Luann with her Knox grade school classmates.
After the 60th Southeast Reunion
The Party in Branson - 2014
See the entire 60th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
When the 60th Reunion was in the planning stage, Luann Mitchell Nelson contacted several classmates and asked if they might be interested in having a party in Branson, Missouri after the "official" reunion.
Luann called it a Farewell Party as this might very well be the last opportunity we will have to see each other again. 
Nine classmates and seven spouses arrived in Branson on Sunday afternoon.  *
Mary (Hammond) Eberhardt, RC Wilson, Richard & Carolyn (Needels) Copeland Pat Wilson, Bev (Reynolds) Yonts, Norman Nester, Bev Jones, Tom & Judie (Jordan) Dolson Shannon Jones, Bob and Luann (Mitchell) Nelson
* Not in the picture - Clark Smith who had a car problem & Duane Eberhardt photographer *
Branson was a perfect place to enjoy good food ...
... and time to visit with old friends ...
... and see some very entertaining shows.
The Branson party was called a Farewell Party.
No one knows what the future may hold for each of us.
At our age it is possible we will never see each other again.
 We hope that is not the case.  But you never know.
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