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In 2004 Nanette wrote to tell us that one week before she intended to send her memorabilia for this presentation there was a fire in her garage where her high school stuff was stored. What the fire didn't destroy the water from the sprinklers did.
Nanette's daughter sent us current photos of her Mom via email from Hawaii so Nan and her family could be represented.
Nan, perhaps these web pages will help you recall and regain some of your high school memories.
Nan's sorority sisters helping her celebrate a birthday.
Three photos some of Nan's Sorority sisters sent us
Chit Chat
   Some of the welcoming committee for Mary Louise Erickson's 16 birth-day were Shirley Fenton, Doris Wadsworth, Carol Gain, Nancy Tolen, Lois Barker, Nanette Preston and the Ducate twins.
  A birthday dinner was given by "Louie" Erickson and Nan Preston.  About 50 senior gals attended
   Hayrides, hayrides, hayrides!  This time Hi-Y had one.  Those seen throwing the hay (?) were: Dick Kirwan and Betty Huska, Bob Hillis and Gail Cline, Bob Butler and Julie Thompson, Chub Mills and Jackie Greer, Curry Miles and Dar Wharton and Gary Fuqua and Nanette Preston.
   Clark Smith has his eye on a cute senior girl. Could her initials be Nanette Preston?
   Boy, the "Sadie Harkin's dance at Teen Town was a big success.  I saw the couples swaying to music of the juke box.  Just a few were:  Jo Fenton and Skip Snyder, Peggy Dorsey and Bob Jones, Nanette Preston and Clark Smith, Sandra Ruhl and Jim Colwell, Phyllis Graf and Randy Smithmier, and Roger Taylor and Bev Reynolds.
   Penthouse Players at the recent meeting elected the following offi-cers: Louis Eckstein, president; Danny Hill, vice-president; Nanette Preston, secretary; Charles Clayton, treasurer; Roberta Pilant and Jane Seitz, co-membership chairmen; Harry Synder, house manager; Florence Newsom, publicity chairman.
Band and Orchestra
Officers Are Chosen
   The band officers are as follows: Tom Bauke, president; Don Niebergall, vice-president; Steve Johnson, treasurer; Carolyn Needles and Maxine Goodwin, librarians; Douglas Ayers, property manager.
  Those elected to serve as orchestra leaders are David Crowley, president; Nanette Preston, vice-president; Eleanor Payne, secretary-treasurer; Dennis Rendina and Gary Sparks, property managers; Lila Engel and Carolyn Tapp librarians.
   These groups are under the direction of Mr. Markley, and will add much to making this school year one to be proud of.
Chit Chat
   One Friday night found "Louie" Erickson and Gary Barnard, Nanette Preston and Don Liddle (Wm. Chrisman), Nancy Young and Johnny Wright, dancing to some great music at the Town Hall.
   Liz Crosby's house was the scene of a bang up birthday party. Carol Hamarstrom, Nanette Preston, Carolyn Stewart, Carol Gain and Sandra Steele were a few of the many senior gals having a grand time.
All of these articles came from issues
of the Tower published our senior year.
"Stairway to Stars"
Penthouse Production
   The Penthouse variety show, "Stairway to the Stars," was presented May 19. Many new faces and some well known favorites appeared in this last Penthouse production of the year.
   Lovely Marnell Higley led the way to the stars in her solo "Stairway to the Stars." Others adding their talents to the show were Larry Allen in a monologue with German dialect called "Frauline Stars" and Cara Rodenbach in "Shooting Star," a striking pantomime of a Henry Lewis record.
   Every underclassman has stars in their eyes for some upperclassman. Sandy Barnett, as a senior, and Sylvia Spenser as an 8th grader, were no exception as they portrayed such a situation in a monologue "Steps up in High."
   Some newcomers in the "Little Theater of 212" were Clifford Hoehns and Douglas Black in a dazzling record pantomime. Dorothy Boller's sparkling personality showed through in her monologue, depicting the beginner on ice skates. Carrie Merritt and Linda Bugard pantomimed their way to "Steps of Health." Sue Scott played her rendition of Star Dust" on the piano.
   Shakespeare was truly a star in his vocation of writing. Louis Eckstein gave a fine performance as he added a moment of seriousness to the show with a selection from "King Richard II."
   Penthouse did an excellent job in set design, publicity and lights. Credit for fine direction can be given to Nanette Preston and Jane Seitz.
Chit Chat
   Picnics, picnics and more picnics!! Duke Harrison and Nanette Preston, Harry Hutton and Barb Fuller, Jerry Campbell and Leann Riggs, Randy Smithmier and Phyllis Graf, and Bill Daily and Nancy Tolen really had a swell time. Liz Crosby and Joe Lamers also had fun on their picnic.
  Central seems to hold an attraction for Nanette Preston. Tom Price happens to be the particular individual.
   A "going away" party for Nanette Preston was given by "Louie" Erickson. There was plenty of sun, food, and fun for many of the senior girls.
     At the meeting of the Penthouse Players, Nanette Preston was elected membership chairman. Florence Newsom was elected as her assistant. Also pledges were accepted. They are: Marguerite Smith, George Davenport, Barbara Brackney, Beverly Earp, Jerry Sheets, Jo Fenton, Cara Rodenbach, Donna Huermann, and Marnell Higley.
Knight Musicians Entertain
Nelson Gallery of Art Patrons
   A program of music will be given at the Nelson Gallery of Art, December 19 at 2:00 p.m. The Programs will include numbers by the Southeast choir and Octet, with special soloists.
   Nanette Preston will play a violin solo, and Dave Crowley an oboe solo, "No Candle Was There." Don Niebergall and Shannon Jones will play a saxophone duet.
   Soloists will be Sylvia Flannery and Clark Smith doing two vocal numbers.
Nan Remembers
I think we all had wonderful years at Southeast. We worked hard, supported the sports, plays, choir, etc., but the most fun was Teen Town.  I still have 45 records with my name on them that I would take to Teen Town.
My mom, Nina T. Preston was PTA president over Junior and Senior years and fought with the powers that be for a swimming pool and the addition that was built. Of course we never got to use it but others did which was a good thing.
 I also remember from 5th grade to 12th grade Mary Louise Crickson Schmidt would want to go play or do something but my parents made me practice the violin before I could go out.  Mary Louise would sit there patiently waiting for me to finish, how boring for her!  To this day she hates violin music.
 I enjoyed doing the play "January Thaw".  I still had a copy of the play book until we had a small fire in our garage storage area which the fire did not destroy, but the water damage from the sprinklers did. 
Remember when David Morton was elected for a day Mayor of KC?  I was elected to Dept. of Welfare and I still have the necklace that the real Dept. of Welfare director gave to me.
These are just some thoughts I came up with today.
Nan and George Hutton
Le Jardin Names Building After Huttons
Le Jardin Windward Oahu Academy Officials dedicate the Hutton Building, acknowledging the vision and generosity of longtime school supporters George and Nanette Hutton.  Pictured are (from left) board of trustees members Rhoda Griswold and Nanette Hutton headmaster Adrian Allan and board president Allan Dowsett.
Nan preparing to surprise daughter Audrey on her 38th birthday
Nan and her son Grant.
Hutton Family - 1998
4th Grandchild - Gavin
Mother and daughter
Audrey and Tiffy
Grant and family
Audrey & Nan with Vice-President Dick Cheney and Jerry Jossem, President of the Hawaiian Republican Party.
Nannette at 2004 50th Southeast Reunion
The 2006 Birthday Cruise
Where Southeast Knights and Ladies celebrated their 70th Birthdays
See the entire Birthday Cruise multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
George and Nan grabbing a quick breakfast before touring our first port of call -- Key West
Nan with Sandra (Biurvall) Nester and Barb (Fuller) Comer
Visiting with old high school friends after a long absence
George, Nan, Jean Anne (Dawson) Williams and Liz (Crosby) Bonner
The Birthday Party the second night of the cruise
Nan with Ray Jackson and Sharon (Ducate) Bedinger
Sharon (Ducate) Bedinger, Nan, Sandra (Biurvall) Nester, George and Carol (VonDemfange) McNabney
The last day of the cruise - Cocktail Party
Tom and Jean Anne (Dawson) Williams and Nan
Phase ONE - The Luncheon in Kansas City
The 55th Southeast Reunion - 2009
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Nan with Sharon (Ducate) Hoffman, Shirley (Ducate) Bedinger and Shannon Jones
Barb (Fuller) Comer, Charlie & Gisela McGehee, Nan, Sharon, Shirley and Bev (Reynolds) Yonts
Phase TWO - In Branson, Missouri
The 55th Southeast Reunion - 2009
See the entire 55th Reunion multimedia presentation
It is listed on the Home menu
Nan's daughter Audrey Hutton accompanied her to the 55th Reunion
Nan with Doug Mattenlee and Earl Crawford at the last night banquet
Nan and Don Teeters on the Branson Belle Showboat
Nan with Luan (Mitchell) Nelson, Audrey and Jean Anne (Dawson) Williams
Nan with Clark Smith
Nan with Audrey and a friend - 2017   
Nannette Preston Hutton
passed away on May 1, 2017
Nanette “Nan” Hutton of Honolulu died on May 1, 2017 at the age of 80.  She is survived by her husband George, children Grant and Audrey, four grandchildren, sister Jorea and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.
Born and raised in Kansas City was an alumna of Northwestern University. 
An advocate for children both locally and nationally, Nan served on the Board of Le Jardin Academy for more than 40 years.  She also served as President of both the Hawaii Chapter of Waif and the Waif National Board, working on behalf of homeless children with special needs. 
Over the years, she had been honored with many awards for outstanding service by both organization.  An accomplished violinist, she also served on the Board of the Honolulu Symphony.
Nan will be dearly missed by
her Southeast classmates.
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