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The young Leann -- Before High School
1947 - Old Enough to go to Summer Camp
Leann with JoAnn Fish and Mary Lou Alexander
High School Days and Later
Pat Cartwright  and Leann - Most Popular
Southeast Ladies - 1954
Southeast Ladies - 1984 Reunion
Slumber Party at Shirley Fenton's House.
Barbara Fuller and Leann
Reunion of Marlborough Alumni
When asked to share memories of Southeast
Leann said:
"Lots of fun memories – think I liked every day of high school.
Doesn’t help you any does it?"
THESE HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS who will be eligible to vote in the 1956 election tried out a voting machine demonstration at a Southeast Community council dinner at Covenant Presbyterian church.  Miss Barbara Fuller , 924 East seventy-sixth street terrace, is pulling a lever to vote a straight party ticket.
Watching her is Miss Leann Riggs, 927 East seventy-sixth terrace.  Both attend Southeast high school.  John W. Oliver, former chairman of the election board, asked the support of the council in a bond election next December to purchase the machines. In a polling place only one person would at the machine and the curtain behind Miss Riggs would be closed.

Kansas City Star photograph

Glenna Ellis, Don Eichman Chosen
As Senior Class Leaders for 1954
   The seniors of '54 have elected these capable students to lead them this year; Glenna Ellis, president; Don Eichman, vice-president; Barbara Fuller, secretary; Oletha Ludwig, treasurer; Leann Riggs, giftorian; Dick Linck, publicist and Roger Taylor, sergeant-at-arms.
Rounds Table Elects
Semester Leaders
   The Round Table held election of second semester officers at its February 15 meeting.
   Elizabeth Crosby was elected recording-secretary. She will keep the roll and record the minutes.
   Doing all the correspondence work of the Round Table will be Leann Riggs' job, as she will hold the office of corresponding secretary.
   The Round Table finances will be handled by Jerry Campbell, the new treasurer.
   Darlene Stanley, who is known for her artistic ability, will be historian. Her duty will be to keep the scrap book.
   Last but not least, for his job is an important and sometimes difficult one, Ralph Mills is the new sergeant-at-arms. Ralph will be responsible for keeping order at all Round Table meetings
Hill to Head Crusader;
Eckstein, Eichman Aids
   At the beginning of the new school year our Crusader Staff promptly began work. Mr. Tira supervisor, chose the staff: Danny Hill, editor, Louis Eckstein and Don Eichman, assistant co-editors; Mary Louise Erickson, secretary and business manager; Ann Atchinson, literary editor; Lois Garner and Darlene Stanley, art editors; Oletha Ludwig, senior editor; Leann Riggs, junior editor; Shirley Fenton, sophomore editor; Carol Gain, freshman editor, Jane Seitz, eight grade editor; Carol Hamarstrom, clubs and activities; Phyllis Graf, athletics. With this staff, we can be looking forward to an outstanding Crusader in '54.
Chit Chat
   Mary Louise Erickson had a wedding shower for Judie Jordan ('53). Leann Riggs, Mary Blackburn, Charlene Kernodle, Darlene Stanley and Carol Hamarstrom were among the many senior gals that were there.
The mother of the Autumn time
With brush and colors bright,
Slips about the forest trees
To paint their leaves at night.
She lays upon the barren ground
A carpet made of jewels.
And covers with a robe of ice
The rippling wooded pools.
And when the autumns drawing near
In Indian summer days,
She covers all her glorious work
With misty silvery haze.
─ Leann Riggs
All of these articles came from issues
of the Tower published our senior year.
In The Spotlight
   Sweet and gracious is a good way to describe Leann Riggs, our “Most Popular Senior Girl.”
   Her extra curricular and scholastic achievements are many and varied.
   Leann is corresponding secretary of our Round Table.  She is a member of the senior business committee and giftorian of her class.
   “Getting into the spirit of things” has always been Leann’s motto, and she has demonstrated this in being attendance chairman of the Pep Club and assistant vice-president of Teen Town.  She has received much pleasure in being in Knightlites and various assemblies throughout the years.
   Leann has not only entered into the spirit of social activities at Southeast, but has been rewarded membership in Beta through diligence in her school work.
   Due to Leann’s good work on the Tower Staff last year, she is a member of Quill and Scroll.
   She serves as junior editor on the Crusader Staff this year.
   Leann plans to attend college next year.  Her sparkling personality and gracious manner assures her success in whatever she sets out to do.
   Leann’s many accomplishments at Southeast have certainly made her worthy of spotlight this week.
Chit Chat
   Darlene Stanley had a rip, roarin' Halloween party after teen town. Leann Riggs and Jerry Campbell, Barbara Fuller and Dick Linck, Shirley Ducate and Don Kelly (K.C.U.), and Don Eichman were all seen haunting the place.
   Some senior gals really had a swell picnic. After stuffing themselves they all went down to the memorial fountain on Meyer, took off their shoes and went wading. Oletha Ludwig and Shirley Ducate were the victims of foul play. Seems someone shoved them in much to the hilarity of: Dianne Maple, Mabel Greenlee, Leann Riggs, and Barbara Fuller.
   A bridal shower, given for Glenna Ellis, was enjoyed by many of the senior girls. Liz Crosby, Leann Riggs, Oletha Ludwig, Pat Bixman, and many, many others had a swell time.
   Mary Lou Alexander, Oletha Ludwig, Louie Erickson, Claudia Horn, Leann Riggs were some of the girls I saw eating and talking (of course) at a birthday party. In case you're wondering, it was Carol Hamarstrom's 18th birthday.
Images of Leann
Life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen
Leann left this life on March 6, 2018.
She will be remembered by her classmates as a fun loveing eighteen year old - always smiling, always a joy to be with.
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