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In 2004 Shirley sent us many "goodies"
which were used throughout this presentation.
              Shirely Before and After High School
Shirley age 4
Study time - 1956
American Christian Convention - 1990
Baptising her Great Nephew-  2002
Shirley - 2001
Shirley Maid of honor - 1958
Having a good time at the Youth Rally. And having big bite - 1966
Teaching - 1997
I'm working with a church group to revamp the educational ministry to adults.   It is a challenge.
 I also volunteer for a community organization that assists senior citizens.  It's called Shepherd Center of Raytown.  It offers a variety of services free, through volunteers.   Really get to know some very nice folk.  Working with older people has caused me to focus on "end of life" issues.  Thus, one Sunday afternoon, this poem came to be.
Read the poem at the bottom of Shirley's page.
Southeast Ladies Score Two Victories at Central
   Southeast’s girls hockey team, urged on by a large cheering section, won two games at the all-city hockey sportsday, Saturday, October 31.  East was defeated 1 to 0 and Manual 4 to 0 in games played at Central high school.
   The first half of the East game moved at a rapid pace with Southeast on the defensive most of the time.  During the second half the Ladies, led by Barbara Blattman and Betty Ulrich, pushed across the only goal of the game.
   Southeast started off with a rush against Manual and scored soon after the opening whistle. Betty Greer and Betty Ulrich were the big guns in the attack, each scoring two goals.
   The defensive play of the team was excellent and the girls were congratulated by the officials on their fine sportsmanship.
   Southeast’s players were:  Barbara Blattman, Kay Harkins, Betty Ulrich, Betty Greer, Edell Schaefer, Peggy Bedell, Nancy Cooper, Carol Dietz, forwards; Barbara Boley, Barbara Brackney, Sandy Brown, Shirley Macy, halfbacks; Delores Hanna, Margaret Jones, Shirley Smith, full-backs; Donna Kozak, Goalkeeper; Louise Riggs, scorekeeper.
   The girls do not play for a championship, but for the sport.
This article came from an issue of the Tower published our senior year.
Girls' Gym
   The girls’ physical education classes instructed by Miss Canham and Dr. Perkins have elected their leaders and are ready for the year’s activities.
   Girls will have an opportunity to be awarded sports shields by participating in after school sports.  The first of these for the upper classmen is hockey and the eighth graders will enjoy hitting the birdie around in aerial darts starting tonight.
   After school sports are capably led by the following managers:
Shirley Smith and Betty Greer — hockey; Carol Dietz and Margaret Jones — volleyball; Barbara Brackney and Donna Kozak — basketball; Barbara Blattman and Patsy Thomas —softball; Kay Harkins and Barbara Harris — bowling; Barbara Boley and Sandra Brown —table tennis; Jeannie Nelson, Peggy Riley, and Louise Riggs — eighth grade sports.
   We’re also anxious for sports days to begin so we can watch our ladies demonstrate their athletic abilities.
This article came from an issue of the Tower published our senior year.
Girls Intramural Program Presents Athletic Awards
   A great deal of work and clean fun has been well worth its time for our ladies at Southeast.
   This year approximately 70 athletic awards were given to girls from the 8th grade to senior classes.
   Those receiving letters were Barbara Blattman, Barbara Brackney, Carol Dietz, Betty Greer, and Barbara Harris.
   These girls were required to participate in 4 team sports and 2 individual sports and 4 service credits, obtained through participating in Sportsdays, managing or refereeing.
   Shirley Smith and Kay Harkins re-ceived their gold pin. The require-ments for the gold pin are the same as for the letters.
This article came from an issue of the Tower published our senior year.
I remember Swope Park for many reasons.   In the fifth grade I was at Gary Parks' birthday picnic when the Police arrived across 63rd street and there was much commotion.   Seems someone had been shot. 
 I also remember when Starlight opened.   Think it was right before our 8th grade year.  
That was so very impressive and many women wore formals when attending.
 You should see what they wear, rather, don't wear now.  
 I assume most who attended SE have Swope Park memories.
Hockey Sports Day
Displays Girls’ Ability
   Early November 4th girls from eight public high schools will assemble for Hockey Sports Day.  This year South-east plays host to the teams.
   The girls will gather in the auditorium at 8:30 where they will be greeted by Mr. McMillan.  While still seated, the captains from the various teams will receive their team’s schedule of games.
   Upon completion of three games the players will be ushered to the cafeteria.  Here a luncheon will be served and a program given.  During the luncheon Donnis Rogers will serve as toast-mistress.
   Although girls will have a majority in attendance, it will be the boys who will remain the masters of the entertainment.
   The girls look forward to Hockey Sports Day each year.  They begin practicing in September and as the Sports Day draws near, sixteen girls are chosen to represent Southeast.  The sixteen chosen this year are:  Barb Bratcher, Barb Bryan, Marjorie Ellison, Doris Grove, Velva Harrison, Barbara Hart, Peggy Howard, Pat Jenkins, Annette Luthy, Rosemary Magers, Jenanne Patterson, Shirley Sizemore, Shirley Smith, Marguerite Snyder, Margot Walker, and Wanda Wood.
   Miss Canham has chosen 12 girls to represent Southeast at the 1954 Volleyball Sportsday which will be held at Manual high school this Saturday.
   The girls who will participate are:  Betty Ulrich, Margaret Jones, Donna Kozak, Barbara Blattman, Carol Dietz, Oletha Ludwig, Betty Greer, Luann Mitchell, Barbara Boley, Sandy Brown, Shirley Smith and Kay Harkins.  Barbara Harris will participate as scorekeeper and Louise Riggs will assist the linesman.
   The girls will play two 15 minute quarter games.  The schedule of the games will be announced at 8:20 that Saturday in the auditorium where the girls are to meet.  The games will start at 8:30.
   A luncheon will be served at 12:00 for all Sportsday participants and parents wishing to attend.
   All of Southeast students are invited to attend this Sportsday and cheer our girls on to victory.  All parents are also welcome to come.  This will be a good opportunity to see our Southeast girls display their skill and highly rated sportsmanship.
Both of these articles came from issues
of the Tower published our senior year.
I need an electric mattress pad and flannel p.j.s in the winter.
In the summer life improves with a fan and cool, fresh water to sip.
My needs are not many as I walk toward the coming sunset of life.
Encouraging are old friends who share insights on medicines and dentures.
And ways to get myself up when I have fallen without using my knees.
My need is for workable suggestions on living with a variety of pains.
If one truly cares for me they will be present in my life from time to time.
And we will speak loudly together rehearing joys and trials buried in memories.
My need is for remembering and freedom to amble awhile in the precious past.
I must believe my life has value and my "things" are not just so much junk.
I long to know that what I gave my life to was important and will survive me.
My need is for the certainty that I did not live my life for just myself.
The circle of life closes its ever reaching arms quite silently and swiftly.
It re-enforces the wisdom of my choice to emisbrace Him who is Eternal.
My desperate need is His indwelling presence which leads to eternal life.
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