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To those of us we leave behind,
The teachers who have helped us find
The knowledge gained in these four years,
Our schoolmates who have shared our fun
Who’ll carry on our tasks begun
Mr. McMillan and Mr. Powell,
whom we hate to leave
(We hope for us they too will grieve).
To those whom we deeply appreciate,
This Prophecy we humbly dedicate.
♦♦  ♦♦♦  ♦♦

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. This is Bay Jarrington and Jessel Randy covering the 1964 presidential election. Here we are on the caboose of this sleek, modern train as this campaign moves from one end of the nation to the other. As you all know, we are firm boosters of the man we believe will be in the White House this fall, David Morton. As candidate, Morton has passed through various spots and he has been greeted by many of his former schoolmates in the Southeast graduating class of 1954.

And let’s see who some of the dignitaries are here today.
I see coming toward me the great London correspondent who is doing an exclusive story for the English press, Dwight Darr.
Standing on the fringe of the crowd is that celebrated tag team which recently won the Universal Women’s Championship award, Mary Blackburn and Mable Greenlee.
I see chatting with the candidate the only eight-star general in history, Ronnie Belzer.
Right behind the general, waiting his turn to greet the candidate, is that international playboy, Don Teeters, who has recently been awarded the musical world’s highest honor, that of blowing out Liberace’s candles.  With him is his current flame, Sylvia Flannery, who is here singing with the Grand Ole’ Opry!
Oh, I see now the most talked about couple in America trying to get a glimpse of our candidate. Oh, there scrambles Mr. Ronnie Doyle up to the shoulders of his wife, Mrs. Doyle, formerly Miss Luann Mitchell.
A group of former Southeast students who have recently returned from a safari in India are: Ronalee Anthony, Saundra Bryan, Marina Clarensau, Pat Corder, and Janice Lockwood. They have brought into this country a very rare species of parrot. This bird, it is learned, is completely tongue-tied. It has been sent to the speech therapist, William Gerow, at his refuge for tongue-tied parrots.
Standing on the platform near the candidate is his bodyguard, Betty Ulrich, who is the first Sherlock Holmes to ever wear a skirt. Betty is responsible for solving the disappearance of glamour girl, Carol Gain, the famous woman lecturer on "The Body Beautiful".
Passing by me now is Von Kistler, who is offering women a course on Ten Easy Lessons on How to Capture a Man’s Heart. I have heard he just can’t keep his students.
As the crowd is thinning out a bit, we will review our campaign so far and give you some general news tidbits.
As our train was passing by Alcatraz, we saw that famed prison guard, Jim Lyle, waving to us over the wall.
Flash! Tidy Tom Lynch has just been voted Best Dressed Man in America.
We hear that a five-million-dollar home is being built by the Holt and Vaughn plastering corporation for the new bride of the debonair Wall Street tycoon, Jim Sykes. The bride, Miss Carolyn Stewart, the well-known Broadway showgirl, was married to the aging tycoon in a surprise elopement Saturday.
To our feminine listeners, I must put in a plug for the newly established escort bureau, owned and operated by those handsome heartbreakers, Dick Linck and Ronald Tipton. They operate with the motto: "Give yourself a break, call Rick or Ron".
The much-engaged Nanette Preston has just broken her engagement to Roger Smith, the camera king. This was the 11th for Miss Preston. It is thought the 12th will be Barefoot Bill Daily, the successful revenuer from the Ozarks.
Jane Seitz has recently taken over teaching pouter pigeons to pout.
Commercial: Ladies and gentlemen, take your love problems to Lois Barker at her office in the Daniel Hill Building. Mr. Hill is also much interested in love.
Providing thrills for the whole nation is daring Carol Hammarstrom. She appears in the Dale Moran and Bruce Poteet one-ring circus. Miss Hammarstrom hangs by her teeth from a steel bar suspended 100 feet in the air. She says she owes her success to constant use of her jaws.
Other acts in the circus are: Earl Crawford and his dancing dogs. Accompanying Earl and his dogs are Dianne Maple and her trained fleas. Shirley Scherrer, better known now as the Bearded Lady, is working in the tent next to David Crowley, who charms snakes with his oboe
In the spotlight, Jo Ann Fish plays her guitar while riding a Shetland pony, all the while being chased by Indians who are Tom Williams, Bill Rhodes, Darrel Koll and Tom Keefe.
Shirley Smith has been voted America’s best Woman Athlete.
We have an exclusive: Clark Smith will ride Bullet to victory in the Kentucky Derby this Saturday. We have heard, however, that Clark will have to take off a little weight. Bullet, the favorite, is from the Dick Shinkle Stables. His trainer is Mike O’Byrne, who has had experience in managing from his cafeteria days.
Tom (the terror) Brown has again won the title, "The Most Sought-after Bachelor in Town". As a boxer, he meets Killer Kippy Johnson in a ten-rounder this weekend.
We hear Jerry Campbell is opening on Broadway in the role of Damon Runyon’s Fat Man.
Mrs. George Rowe, formerly Miss Mary Lou Alexander, has set an all-time high birth rate–she just had her 27th. A close runner-up is Mrs. Bob Marshall, formerly Miss Glenna Ellis.
Ann Atchinson is now starring in the television series as Brenda Starr.
Roger Taylor, and his All-World, All-Star football team with such greats as Roger Barnes, Ed Brillault, Shannon Jones, Don Kraft, Joe McKinley, and Jack Smetzer, have just returned from their trip to Mars where they captured the Universe Football Championship. They brought back with them some exchange students, namely: Toni Budd, Yvonne L’Hommedieu, Carolyn Needles, Alyce Jones, Carol Deitz, Patty Smith, Shirley Peterman and Betty Wilson.
After unsuccessful attempts at stenography and typing, Nancy Tolen is now a successful tree surgeon.
Ben Blackshire has been seen with shovel in hand digging fishing worms for his bait and tackle stand. Ben plans to become a hermit as soon as the fishing season is over.
Now we close our broadcast to the strains of "I Got Tears in My Ears From Lying on My Back All Night and Crying Over You", as sung by Ed Steiner and Joleen Watts.
So long for now–this is Jessel Randy and Bay Jarrington signing off until next year.
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