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We, the class of 1954, being about to pass out of this sphere of education, in full possession of a crammed mind, well-trained memory, and almost superhuman understanding, do make and publish this, our last will and testament, hereby revoking and making void all former wills or any promises made by us at any time heretofore. As to such estate as it has pleased the Fates and our own strong hands and brains to win for us, we do dispose of the same as follows:

Randall Smithmier leaves his key to the cafeteria icebox to Bill Sparks.
Leann Riggs would like to leave herself, but since this is impossible, she promises to visit Southeast often.
Stanley Olsson wills his love for American History to some lucky Junior next year.
Shirley and Sharon Ducate bequest their Information Bureau and identity to Margie Poe and Sally Collier.
Eleanor Kerr Powell leaves her cherry pie and blonde hair to her sister, Flora Kerr.
Tom Baucke wills his physique and way with the ladies to George Davenport.
Mary Hammond, Janice Lockwood and Betty Moehle leave all their good times at Southeast to Betty Holt, Barbara Hey and Jackie Greer.
Bob Jones bequests his golf clubs to Bob Jamieson.
Barbara Fuller will leave her basketball pump to Mr. Adams.
Charles Stotts and Bob Sundquist leave their body-building kits to Charles Whitlock
Nancy Henry wills her quiet and pleasing ways to Phyllis Gabel.
Jean Herdman and Donna Niswonger leave their meek ways to Sandy Rice and Jenith Stine since they are acquiring the ways of a sophisticated high school graduate.
Claudia Horn bequests her gallons and gallons of purple paint and a handful of carrots to Pat Phillips to do with as she pleases.
Jo Ann Buck leaves her cheery smile to Carolyn Jenkins.
Jean Stafford and Mary Weston leave Southeast to be Mrs.
Don Eichman leaves the office staff to get along without his expert advice next year.
Doris Wadsworth leaves her "white sweater" and candy bars to Peggy Bedell.
Leroy Ganser wills his vaulting pole to Mrs. Ward to stir with in the cafeteria.
Mona Halliburton leaves her anemic ways and library passes to Anna Mae Cale.
Beth Fowler and Bob Hillis leave their keen vision to anyone who may need it.
Mike Brady bequests his muscular strength to Mike Phillips in case he needs it.
Cecelia Spann wills her neat and sophisticated ways to Marnell Higley.
John Tapp leaves his friendly smile at Southeast and invites you to visit him at his residence at the Brookside Theater.
Donna Niswonger and Donna Hargis leave what remains of their long hair to Betty Hailey and Jackie Greer to keep their ears from becoming frostbitten.
Joe Kresse bequests Yvonne Benton to Chet Carter.
Carol Von Demfange leaves her scholarly ways to Barbara Brackney.
Bill Morris leaves his suspenders to Buddy Crosby.
Eugenia McEntee leaves her vitamin pills and promptness to Willa Thelan.
Kent Bryan, Harry Hutton and Don Long leave the basketball team to Bobby Davis and Don Hymer since they are planning to join the Globe Trotters.
Darlene Stanley leaves her brother Danny to carry on the Stanley spirit.
Leroy Trocosso leaves his nickname, "Tweetie", to one of the pigeons in the tower.
Beverly Reynolds wills her terrific jitterbugging ability to her sister, Sandy.
John Griffith leaves the mystery of what is in his TWA bag to Lynn Alexander, who peeked.
Don Masoner passes his manliness on to Charles Clayton.
Tracy Stanton leaves Pat Williams to someone else to walk her to class.
Roberta Pilant wills her ability to talk more and say less to Sandy Scherrer.
David Hudson leaves Southeast having finally solved the mystery of which twin has the Toni.
Shirley Fenton leaves her dancing feet to her sister, Jo.
Norman Thompson gives his pink shirts and wavy hair to Don Carney.
Sandy Biurvall leaves her geometry problems to Mr. Griggs to solve from here on.
Paul Hocott wills his "Golden Silence" to Curry Miles.
Gene Hampton gladly leaves the cafeteria to Bob Butler.
Liz Crosby leaves her height to Toby Herrin in case she needs it some day.
Joe Wilkerson leaves his wash tub and rubber feet to Tom Creel.
Marion Gable Wheeler wills her happily married life to Darlene Wharton.
Charles McGehee leaves the Shutterbug Club to Barbara Martin.
Pat Bixman leaves her always-crowded car to Donna Kozak.
Stephen Raphel bequests his Teen Town decorations to next year’s decorating committee.
Barbara Blattman leaves her athletic ability to Margaret Jones.
Jim Jeffries, Howard Jones and Jerry Lehman leave their love of hillbilly music to Mr. Langford.
Phyliss Cline leaves her diploma to her sister, Gail.
Douglas Mattenlee leaves Southeast girls for Paseo girls.
Jean Anne Dawson wills her low bass voice to Sandy Hull.
Nancy Young leaves her pretzels for Yvonne Strode to imitate.
Gary Miller wills his sense of humor to Ronnie Bothwell.
Judy Dice, Mary Dougherty and Marcia Frazee leave their leaky fountain pens and happy dispositions to Gwen Berry.
Mary Louise Erickson leaves her different hair-do to Florence Newsom.
Janice Frazee leaves little Willie and his horn for Southeast to remember her by.
Lois Garner bequests her paint brushes and easels to Richard Tubesing.
Phyllis Graf leaves her newspaper clippings on a certain boy’s boxing career to Deanna Smithmier.
Gary Fuqua wills his bashful ways to his brother, Robbie.
Judy Hall leaves her yellow convertible to Lucy Biurvall since its matches her hair.
Martin Bruns, James Colwell and Duane Ritter leave the ROTC to Frank Kelley, Bob Vermillion and Douglas Price.
Jim Bloss leaves his dirty dishes to Leo, the dishwasher.
Ed Hayes leaves his love for the railroad to Moose Wooten.
Kay Harkins leaves her acting ability to Harry Snyder.
Charlene Kernodle leaves her swimming pool open free of admission to any Southeast students.
Dixie Leone leaves her complex love problems to anyone good at solving them.
Oletha Ludwig leaves her practical jokes and leadership ability to Peggy Dorsey.
Pat Cartwright wills his friendly disposition and winning ways to his brother, Tom.
Bob Haines, Dick Kirwin, Ralph Mills and John Silkiner leave our championship football team as a challenge to the team next year.
Gaye Oglesby and Sandy Steele leave their ability to laugh and be laughed at to Barbara Boley, Eleanor Nelson and Evye Moran.
Ronnie Hildebrand and Gary Walton leave their habit of driving choir substitutes crazy to Patti Langley and Marcia Hill.
Louis Eckstein leaves his fine contributions to Southeast as a token of his love for Southeast.
In witness whereof we, Jerry Campbell, Liz Crosby, Jo Ann Fish and Earl Crawford, representatives of the Senor Class of 1954, of Southeast High School, Kansas City, Missouri, hereto this 3rd day of June in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-four, do affix our seal.
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