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The meeting place was changed in 2013
WHERE is it held NOW?
9099 Metcalf, Overland Park Kansas, 66204
On the northeast corner of 91st & Metcalf
Who Knows who you may see if YOU go there?
Those who live in and around KC
There's a place you should be
About eleven each Thursday
Where you can chat, eat and play
Just show up and you will see!
Those who live locally
Can gather each week socially
With friends to greet
Good food to eat
All of which satisfies emotionally
Just WHO are these people????
Uh, uh, I know who they are --- but I'm not telling!
You'll have to come to a luncheon to find out!
(Or check out the names at the bottom of this page)
It is Thursday again, don't you know
It may rain but it shouldn't snow
There is a place you should be
And classmates to greet and see
So brush your teeth and get on the go!
A Very Special
to Pete & Shirley (Richardson)
For all these pictures taken
and shared of the meetings.
Okay -- as promised here is the Who's Who for the photos
Row 1: Waitress & Shirley (Fenton) Marley Cathy & Neil Barnard - Sandy (Steele) Jones & Lois (Garner) Hightower
Row 2: Dean DeWitt Pat (Corder) Valleau & Donna Hargis Kissinger
Row 3: Pat Corder Valleau & Beth Fowler Hite
Row 4: Paul Allen Johnson Bob & Charlotte Adelsperger - Don Kraft
Row 5: Donna Hargis Kissinger & Jean Anne Dawson Williams
Row 6: Shirley (Peterman) Wheatley Kay (Harkins) Gangel & Earl Crawford - Gene Hampton
Row 7: Tom Williams - Jim Jefferies (Deceased) - Sylvia (Flannery) Kelpe
Row 8: Betty (Moehle) DeWitt Cathy Barnard
Row 9: Bob Aldelsperger & Gene Hamton - Ben Blackshire & Paul Allen Johnson
Row 10: Robert Kissinger Jean (Stafford) Whitington & Sylvia Flannery Kelpe
Row 11: Group Photo (Larry Tomas in red) - Paul Hocott w/ Steve Untrif & Don Kraft
Row 12: John Silkiner Kathy Morton - Jerry Roberts
Row 13: Donna Kissinger Sue & Louis Scaccia Mary (Hammond) & Duane Eberhardt
Row 14: Gail (Lynch) Lucas Gene Hampton's football sweater Toni Hampton
Row 15: Pete Scammerhorn Shirley (Richardson) Scammerhorn (Photographers)
Thanks to Martin (Marty) Bruns for the Announcements he sends out each week
and for all the limericks on this page.
Our classmates leave us one by one
Still, we have our memories of previous fun
To create and recall such memories
Is the purpose of the Gathering for the KCs
So plan to come before they are done.
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