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Did you know?
Every THURSDAY many of your CLASSMATES
are meeting for lunch?
They have been doing that since 2007!
NOW the Weekly Lunches are held at IHOP.
But for the first four years the
lunches were held at:
Prairie Village, Kansas
Classmates started meeting at First Watch in April of 2008
Dave Morton Organized, Hosted and Promoted the Meetings
Shirley (Peterman) Wheatley, Shirley (Richardson) Scammahorn, and Sandy (Steele) Jones

Beth (Fowler) Hite and Patsy (Corder) Valleau

Bob Adelsperger, Gene Hampton, Sandy (Steele) Jones, Kay (Harkins) Gangel

Mark Twain Classmates
Susan (Link) Bremer, Dave Hudson, Dave Morton and Joe Holt
Susan (Link) Bremer, Kathy Morton (Dave's wife) and Betty (Ulrich) Thiel
Susan (Link) Bremer, Dave Morton, and Bev (Reynolds) Yonts
Gene Hampton and Bev (Reynolds) Yonts
June (Givens) Butler,
Sandy (Steele) Jones,
John Silkiner, and Dean Dewitt
(Betty Moehle's husband)

Bob Adelsperger, Juanita (Gibson) Benezette, Danny Hill

How it all began
(Excerpts of emails from Tom Williams to Shannon Jones
As I sort of recall, I did have lunch with Dave Morton and Danny Hill... on Thursday, September 20, 2007... at the Avenues Bistro at 63rd and Wornall (found it in my computer).
It may have been then when I first heard Dave propose the idea of a periodic lunch gathering of classmates.  It seems we had more than one lunch there.  Before that, several of us guys used to meet for lunch now and then at Jake Edwards' BBQ at 51st and Main.  Ralph Mills seemed to get that together, and Dave Morton was usually there. 
I think sometime after that September 2007 lunch, Dave got at least a couple of the gals together with him (maybe Kay Harkins, Shirley Fenton ??) and soon after that they started having the weekly brunches at First Watch at 83rd and Mission Road.
All of the photos on this page were taken during the first two years that classmates met.
Sad to say -- but some of those shown on this page have passed away after these photos were taken.
David & Jean (Stafford) Whitington, Tom Williams, Leroy Ganser, Kathy Morton (Dave's wife) and Dave Hudson
Danny Hill, Patsy (Corder) Valleau, Sylvia (Flannery) Kelpe
Patsy (Corder) Valleau and Betty (Moehle) DeWitt
Jerry Robb, Patsy (Corder) Valleau, Kathy & Dave Morton, Don Kraft, Shirley (Fenton) Marley, Larry Thomas
Beth (Fowler) Hite and Lois (Garner) Hightower
Mary Lou Alexander Rowe and
Ramah (Edwards) Rembold
Mary Lou Alexander Rowe and
Ramah (Edwards) Rembold
Larry Thomas and Joe Kresse
Shirley (Fenton) Marley, Don Kraft, Betty (Ulrich) Thiel, Patsy (Corder) Valleau, Betty (Moehle) & Dean Dewitt, Bob Adelsperger, and (back) Danny Hill
Paul Johnson & Steve Untrif
Dave Hudson & Don Kraft
Bob Adelsperger, Tom Williams, Shirley (Peterman) Wheatley
Dave Whitington, Gene Hampton, Jean (Stafford) Whitington
Bev (Reynolds) Yonts, Shirley (Scherrer) Nye and Carol (Hamarstrom) Jackson
Phyliss (Cline) Brewer & Patsy (Corder) Valleau
Jean Ann (Dawson) Williams, Phyliss (Cline) Brewer, Patsy (Corder) Valleau Sylvia (Flannery) Kelpe,
Kay (Harkins) Gangel & Patsy (Corder) Valleau
Bev (Reynolds) Yonts, Shirley (Scherrer) Nye, Bill McKinney ('53), Carol (Hamarstrom) Jackson and Gene Hampton
Bill Riley ('53), Jim Jefferies, Gail (Lynch) Lucas
Bill Riley ('53) and Jim Jefferies
When you are in town -- or whenever you can -- Join them!
Remember the meetings are now held at IHOP.
You will have a GREAT TIME!
Now that you know all
About the lunches
CLICK this photo
to see more!
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HAVING FUN link below
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